Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Top 10 spots of 2015

I have gone through my cell phone pictures from 2015, and come up with my top 10 car spots of 2015. Here goes!

#10 This lovely 911 Turbo 3.6 was spotted near my house.
#9 The Aventador is really something special on the road, it really looks like it comes from another planet
#8 This E-Type was in stunning condition and really stood out.
#7 Not that rare in the big picture, but I love these Ford GT's
#6 Another unexpected spot near the office, a super rare 964 Carrera RS America
#5 I spotted this unusually coloured McLaren at the track at Tremblant. Very nice.
#4 I don't know if this was a real 911 ST, but it was really nice and had a lot of presence
#3 I did not expect to see a Ferrari F12 in winter... I applaud the owner for actually using his supercar in winter
#2 This SLS AMG Black Edition was an unexpected spot, especially parked on the street
#1 The Lexus LFA was an unexpected spot with immense presence on the road.
Honourable mentions:

The car is not that special, but seeing it actually driven in winter conditions was pretty cool.
The Aston Martin Vainquish is really the car that started off the modern era of really cool Astons
I love the way these cars look... such presence on the street!
These R32 GT-R's seem to be getting more and more rare. This one was in really nice condition.

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