Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

With the holidays and our trip to L.A, I haven't had the time to post here, so here is a short post about posts to come.

I got back to the office yesterday. We arrived home from our 8-day trip to L.A. on Monday night. It was a fantastic trip, which involved visiting the city, the desert and the beach. We stayed with my old friend Ray, and he was a fantastic and generous host. I will write a much more detailed post, including a post devoted solely to our visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum, when I have had time to sort through all the pictures we took. There won't be a massive car-spotting thread, as most cars I saw were from the passenger seat in my friend Ray's car, which is not ideal for taking pictures. 

The holiday break was not exactly relaxing, but it was still pretty great. Oscar is still not sleeping through the night, so Alex and I never feel fully rested, and it takes an hour to put Jules to bed, but the boys are so much fun that it almost makes me forget that Alex and I have so little free time together. We did manage to go see a movie one evening before the trip (Star Wars - The Force Awakens, which I quite enjoyed) thanks to my Mom. Jules is getting to an age where he can look forward to and enjoy opening presents, which is pretty fun for the parents. 

The weather at Christmas time was record-breaking-warm, and there was no snow yet when we left for L.A. Imagine our surprise when we returned not only to snow on the ground, but freezing cold temperatures. Still, over all, it is not that bad, and it's supposed to be above freezing again by the weekend. 

Here are a couple of preview panoramic photos from the trip, until I have time to write something up.

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