Monday, January 28, 2019

Mid-winter update

It's the middle of winter. I enjoyed a lovely holiday season in Montreal followed by a fun 7-day trip to Cuba with the family. I participated in another TSD rally with the Saabaru a couple of weeks ago with my co-driver Josée. We signed up in the "expert" class, for those with more than three events under their belt, and we finished last out of 5 experts, and 7th out of 30-something participants over all. Even though we came last, this was our best score ever (I think) with 6.9 minutes of penalties in 240 km. We accumulated most of these penalties by arriving too early, so I'll have to slow down a little at the next event. The car behaved absolutely flawlessly in the rally and has been reliable on the road thus far this winter.

I went to the car show last week, and it was quite disappointing. There are few interesting cars on offer for enthusiasts and I will never consider a brand new car anyway. A few comments: the most boring lineup is probably from Mistubishi, which basically has only SUV's and the 3-cylinder Mirage. Another stand that was surprisingly lame was Porsche's: no GT-2 or 3 or 4... no racing cars... quite boring. BMW had a couple of M-cars, but, as was the case in general at this year's event, no racing cars.

Here are a few photos:

There were some cool tuner cars
Nice Datsun 510
Super-clean Porsche 914-6
Stripped-down Toyota GT86
Expensive track day special
The new G-Wagen
Still one of my favourited, although the orange makes me think McLaren more than Honda...
One of the only race cars, a TCR Audi
Another track version of an already fast car
Not a great colour for Lamborghini's SUV
This was a great colour and wheel combo
After all the waiting, the new Toyota Supra is a bit disappointing in the flesh

It looks like a bunch of other cars out there,
A lovely first-gen Civic
Toyota is offering this cool retro blue on at least three models.
Still cool after all these years
Race and street versions
At least Nissan brought a race car
One of my favourite cars this year, a semi-affordable track car.
Nice styling, nice wheels, cool paint
The new Competition version of th eM2
... clearly indicated on the trunk
One of the McLaren's, I can barely keep track of their names
Koenigsegg, not my thing, but nice
Even less my thing, but still impressive
Nice details on the rear
Continental had this nice Cayman GT4 on Rotiform wheels
The new Mustang Bullitt was nice.

I was susprised to see the Jaguar Project 8
Nice new colour for the Toyota FRS
Nice Jeep pickup
The Challenger Hellcar still looks good
I haven't done anything with the BMW and Civic, both of which are in storage. There are quite a few small jobs I would like done on the Civic, and I hope to get organized to have Pat do them before the season starts.

Nice winter car
Saabaru after the daycare drop-off
Saab in the supermarket parking lot
An unexpected shopping car on a stormy winter evening
I don't love the Audi S3, but it looks decent in yellow with these wheels
Did I mention that it was snowing during the TSD rally?
It was still snowing after the event
I spotted this newer Chinese MG in Cuba
It looks OK, could use some nicer wheels
I love that this R8 driver not only drives his V10 Spider in winter, but that he or she also clearly parks it outdoors...