Thursday, December 14, 2017

Winter is here...

It snowed about 3 cm last Sunday, which made it feel like winter. We event went tobogganing on Mount Royal. Then yesterday it snowed 20 cm and it definitely feels like winter now. We're not too bummed out about winter this year, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we went to Cuba a couple of weeks ago, our first time travelling to an all-inclusive resort as a family. It was quite relaxing, even though we mostly had to adapt our sleeping schedule to that of the boys. The only negative about the trip was the insane amount of mosquito bites we all got. Still, it was a great trip.

Another reason we aren't dreading winter as much is that we now have a proper winter car. In the snow we've had so far, the Saabaru has been great. I've replaced the rear wiper motor and battery tie-down and am fixing some rust in the rocker panels, but other than that, I haven't had to do anything to make the car into our daily driver. I love the car's small size and the responsiveness (and growl) of the turbo 4-cylinder. Alex likes the car too.

We also celebrated Oscar's 3rd birthday last weekend. He invited a couple of daycare friends for a little party at home, which was quite fun.

I stored the BMW for the winter at my friend's triplex. It's parked outdoors under a cover with the battery removed. The Civic is at another friend's house, indoors. I have sold a few more parts from the smashed car and bought what will probably be the best upgrade possible for the car: a used race seat. I just need to raise the funds to install a roll bar and the project will be complete.

Jules' snow angel (not that much snow)
Alex and Jules climbing back up the hill
Oscar after a session of Dance Magic, with a leftover party baloon
The boys enjoying the mountain a few weeks ago, before the snow came
The Saabaru on the day we bought it
The Civic just before it was stored for winter.
The M3, clean and ready for winter storage
An unexpected spot for early December
He did not have winter tires...
This rare Mercedes G550 4x4 squared looked ready for winter
It's tall
Another 4x4 squared in a very loud colour
Alpina B6 sedan... nice
A lovely 993
You don't see these every day... back when 300 hp was a very big deal

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Winter nostalgia...

When winter rolls around (I know, it's not winter yet!) and the racing season is on hold, I tend to look at old racing photos on my computer and think fondly of cars from my past. Here are a couple of the photos I dug up, one for each car, from the oldest to the most recent. 

I attended my very first driving events with this car in 1998. It wasn't suited for the track, but at least it didn't break.
In 1999, I bought a Neon that was supposed to be more economical and more suited to track driving.
In 2002, I bought my first Civic, which was also my first "real" race car (i.e. with a roll cage)
In 2003, I bought this old rally Mazda 323, also with a full cage
I built this 2000 Civic coupe in 2004 and kept it until 2014, going through several engines through the years.
I bought this 2002 Civic SiR in 2016 and it was fun right out of the box. Too bad I crashed it in the summer of 2017...
The latest Civic track car, another 2000 coupe, is a work in progress, but already a capable track car.