Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Car spotting in the last few weeks

We just got back from our family vacation to the South of France. It was a lovely family trip. There were no car activities and there are fewer cool cars to spot in that area than one would imagine. I will give a more detailed description of the trip in a future post.

These F430's are still nice
The LH Hotel had its Ferrari back out front
I don't love these old Nissan's, but this one was in remarkable condition

Not my favourite Porsche, but I like the simplicity of these late 924's
15CV Citroen
Nice CRX 
Subtle as ever: M5
There are still people who daily drive their 993's
I love this modified V70R
I would pick this over the M5...
Lovely 2002, with roll bar, bumper delete and Alpina wheels
One of the rare Renault Sport models I spotted in France
Some kind of Exige, looked amazing
I don't know that this was, but it looked awesome!
I've never seen a Civic EP3 used as a company car
Another 993 Targa
I still love the R35 GTR
The original Godzilla
I still love the Ur-S4/S6
A rarity: Nissan Figaro 
This is a case where the wheels make the car...
This owner used to have a V70R... now he has this Polestar
Super-tasteful 635csi
A rare photo of our two cars. I wish I could drive them more in a more stimulating context than city driving...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Spot of the year so far: Porsche 911R

Wow, I did not think I would ever see one of these in Montreal!