Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our new winter car: the Saabaru

When Alex and I realized we would be driving Jules to kindergarten every weekday, regardless of weather, we decided to buy a car equipped with all-wheel-drive for winter. Initially our budget was 10 000 $ and we were looking at various BMW's, Audi's and some nice Subaru's. Alex was leaning towards the luxury brands, while I preferred a turbo Subaru. Then we decided it would be more reasonable to spend around 5 000 $, so it became unlikely we would find a super-clean car in great mechanical condition. I went to look at a BMW and an Audi, but both needed a lot of work. I tried to find a nice Subaru, but WRX's are either in really rough condition or are really expensive. Then, I saw an ad for the WRX's weird cousin, the Saab 9-2X Aero. We went to see the car in Victoriaville and the owner, a mechanic, inspired confidence. The car was in pretty decent shape, had low mileage, and even came with winter wheels. We negotiated the price down to 4 600 $ and I drove the car home.

I am much more excited about this car than I would have been by an Audi or BMW... this car is so different from our M3. It's not modern-feeling or luxurious. It feels more like a high-performance tractor... It's so analog and everything feels so mechanical. I can't wait to drive it in the snow! I left it parked for 5 days after we bought it and the battery was dead, but hopefully it's because I forgot to shut off the map light (I'm not sure). Anyway, I will be putting the M3 away for winter for the first time since we've owned it (since 2010) and start daily driving the Saabaru as soon as I can confirm that the battery holds a charge.