Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I know this is not a blog about weather...

... But I can't help but comment on the weather yet again. We are enjoying the warmest December that I can remember.

There are many cool cars still on the road. The following photos were all taken on Saturday, December 12th 2015:

Wow... a GT3 RS!

Never seen this colour for a C63 sedan...
Cool STi with deleted rear wing
Not my favourite Rolls, but it had a flawless satin black paint job
There are still a lot of these Maserati's on the road too
This 997 Turbo looked lowered
Aston V8 Vantage
Two for one: Saab 900 and Audi RS5
Completely de-badged E63 wagon on studded Hakka 8 tires!
i8 looks great in black
I'm sure this Shelby makes a great winter car as well...
Here are some other random photos from the past few days.

Rare colour for the Miata... looks sharp.
Grassroots Motorsports has an article on the oft-overlooked 924S this month
Not a trace of snow, and the grass is still green!

Christmas decorations, but no snow
Oscar (now aged 1!) is suspicious about something
Jules loves playing with the model cars at my office
Alex and Oscar enjoy a family Christmas activity
Nice Land Cruiser
You don't see many vintage 911's in December
Warm enough to take the boys to the park
Oscar gets to try the old-school motorcycle
Bright blue M3
There are many people who are clearly going to drive their enthusiast cars this winter. Here are a few, all of them 4-doors.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The new Civic is really ugly!

I saw my first new Honda Civic yesterday. It really is quite ugly... I know I have complained about the appearance of other Civics in the past, but the new car is really the worst Civic design ever. The proportions are simply terrible. It looks ... what's the opposite of "sporty"? In comparison, the outgoing model is a beauty. I just can't believe someone at Honda approved this design. I again have to ask an automaker this basic question: "Is this really the best you could do?". I hope the other variants of the car look better.