Thursday, February 25, 2016

Random winter car spotting

Even though we are deep into winter, there are still many cool, or at least interesting, cars on the road.

Spotted before, a Subaru LP400, in matte orange
This BMW was the opposite of matte...
I love that BMW brought back Laguna Seca blue for the 3-series
This C63 coupe must be a handful in winter, especially with such low-profile tires...
I don't know why, but I've always liked this colour
First time I have seen a G-Wagen in this colour... it's kind of cool
Cool RC-F, ugly wheels
1M in winter? Yes please!
Another atypical winter car
991 and Model S on snow
When was the last time you saw a first generation Ford Probe? Not even a Probe GT, a base model!
When was the last time you saw a Mazda Millenia S? 
I like these SL's, and I like that this one is driven year round
Rare Saab 900 SPG, rarer colour!
997 Turbo's are almost a common sight in winter
Even in "S" trim
A Tesla Model S 90D Taxi? Wow...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 Montreal Auto Show

I'm still catching up on posts from things that happened weeks ago! Here is the post about the Auto Show:

I attended the Montreal Auto show a couple of weeks ago with my parents, brother and the boys. It was a very crowded Saturday and it was far from optimal for viewing with little kids, but we made the most of it. The show itself was very similar to other years, and I can still never see myself wasting money on a new car. Still, it's nice to see what is new "in the flesh" instead of in photos on the internet. 

Here are a few photos I took before the boys had decided they'd had enough.

The surprising Acura ILX endurance racer. I had never seen a lighting setup like this before. This is what I call big budget grassroots racing.
Orange shirt and an orange Jag
I was surprised to see a BMW M4 GTS. I love how hardcore it is, but I can't say I love the looks...
I was also surprised to see the M2 so soon.
It only recently appeared in online media, and here it was, in person. I like it a lot more than the M4.
Jules loved the gullwing doors on the i8
The current Focus is a bit boring-looking, but with a nice flashy colour and a big turbo, I could get to like it.
Jules received a paper police hat after sitting in an SQ police cruiser
Oscar got in on the action as well. Luckily, this car's wheels were very clean!
All the current Lamborghinis look the same to me... but they still look really good!
Jules' favourite activity was getting into cars
Mazda brought a Global MX-5 Cup car. It seemed to have a very serious roll cage. I think I would paint my cage black so it didn't stand out so much
Weird colour, still a great car. Will this be the last year of priduction?
The nose is a bit too long, but over all, the Fiat Spider looks better than its MX5 cousin.
Probably Jules' favourite car to sit in: a Jeep with no doors
I was pleasantly surprised to see Porsche's latest endurance racer up close.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Petersen Automotive Museum

During our recent trip to L.A., I managed to convince the family (and our host Ray) to take in at least one automotive attraction. I chose the recently renovated and re-opened Petersen Automotive Museum. With a pre-schooler and a baby in tow, it's not easy to see all there is to see in such a place, but I still had a blast in the time we were there and managed to see pretty much everything that I would classify as must-see, following my own tastes. I think the rest of the group was satisfied that we didn't spend the whole day there, so overall, it was a worthwhile activity.

Here are a few of the photos I snapped:

 photo 20151228_142532_zpsronluzb1.jpg
The museum viewed from the street... it definitely stands out!
 photo 20151228_151938_zpswczfbur4.jpg
Mercer Raceabout, a VERY early sports car
 photo 20151228_151840_zpsf2epdhhj.jpg
The original SUV: Ford Model T
 photo 20151228_152103_zpsv2cfi7ff.jpg
The Jaguar CX75, featured in the latest Bond movie, will not see production
 photo 20151228_152122_zpsiy9b2oya.jpg
Magnum P.I.'s 308
 photo 20151228_153123_zpsg6f6euyl.jpg
A stunning Bugatti Atlantic
 photo 20151228_153445_zpsk7xhphqw.jpg
The car I most photographed: BMW 3.0 CSL Art Car
 photo 20151228_153524_zps8wjxxbtp.jpg
It looked good from every angle.

 photo 20151228_153643_zpsbw3h7eby.jpg
Another great angle...
 photo 20151228_1534110_zpsdevenozx.jpg
... and another!
 photo 20151228_153541_zpsc9dtrftd.jpg
Another art car, the BMW 850i
 photo 20151228_153826_zps01x4ylwq.jpg
A Zagato-bodied Ferrari
 photo 20151228_153900_zps9r6z7arg.jpg
A Veyron with a questionable paint scheme

 photo 20151228_1518560_zpsfiakyy53.jpg
I'm not into hot rods, but this one was lovely
 photo IMGP3654_zpsvjb3bwcz.jpg
Something for Jules: a full-sized Lightning McQueen
 photo IMGP3660_zpstkfcmctb.jpg
I don't usually love resto-mods, but they seem to have got everything right on this DeTomaso Pantera

 photo IMGP3673_zpso4zyhjv1.jpg
The new Ford GT (with the classic one in the background)
 photo IMGP3680_zpsfmwjcb3p.jpg
I like it, but maybe not as much as the previous version from the mid 2000's
 photo IMGP3683_zpsmzwr1dci.jpg
The classic GT40 still looks amazing
 photo IMGP3686_zpsqcazlzvr.jpg
Both cars together
 photo IMGP3687_zpsdm8xt8g6.jpg
It does look a bit strange with wire wheels, however, as they seem to come from another era while the rest of the car looks quite modern.
 photo IMGP3693_zpsyqxwagkr.jpg
A Ken Block Ford Fiesta
 photo IMGP3701_zps4onvvjck.jpg
An amazing vintage racing 'Vette
 photo IMGP3706_zpsuijb08y5.jpg
McLaren F1: the best street car ever
 photo IMGP3717_zps7tgdryay.jpg
An immaculate 50's Ferrari race car
 photo IMGP3730_zpslqfilpga.jpg
James Bond's DB5
 photo IMGP3734_zpsxi5pmydl.jpg
Another Ferrari in the silver room
 photo IMGP3739_zpszrcf6stx.jpg
Beautiful lines
 photo IMGP3741_zpsgk2dcrmz.jpg
Streamlined design
 photo IMGP3745_zpsouvgsm6o.jpg
The closed-wheel version of the Mercedes W196
 photo IMGP3750_zpsipayipru.jpg
One of the most valuable cars in the world
 photo IMGP3757_zpspsou1tq9.jpg
Ex-Fangio Lancia D24 in the race car room
 photo IMGP3772_zps1ofvwanf.jpg
Other beautiful sports racers
 photo IMGP3775_zpswtmpdmdg.jpg
The dominant Porsche 956
 photo IMGP3777_zpsnaatasb9.jpg
... beside it's older brother, the 936, in stunning Martini livery.
 photo IMGP3779_zpslbja9o4h.jpg
Two more Porsche endurance legends: the 935 and the 917 (in Gulf livery, no less!)
 photo IMGP3780_zpst43yrxn2.jpg
What a beast...
 photo IMGP3783_zpsj5du364z.jpg
The 917 still looks amazing
 photo IMGP3788_zpscfwagruh.jpg
The 936 looks like a rocket ship
 photo IMGP3791_zpszj1dkl77.jpg
... a mean rocket ship.
 photo IMGP3790_zpsxwsa0cgm.jpg
The 956 looks like it could still race today
 photo IMGP3802_zpsxqglgpcw.jpg
This McLaren Can-Am car looked pretty serious, even in orange
 photo IMGP3806_zpsgf5hh4nq.jpg
The World's First Superbike: Honda 750 Four
 photo IMGP3810_zpshx8iynb0.jpg
My namesake, the Vincent Black Shadow
 photo IMGP3816_zpsuonjvzkd.jpg
Not only is this Jaguar XKSS rare in itself...
 photo IMGP3819_zpsoyfo5ais.jpg
... it also happens to be Steve McQueen's former car!
 photo IMGP3822_zpsbs89lowi.jpg
A replica of the "First Practical Car", the Benz Patent-Motorwagen
 photo IMGP3823_zpsrxe4vct6.jpg
This Cisitalia looked great, despite the whitewall tires.
 photo IMGP3825_zpsr09iliyy.jpg
Jules enjoys a snack in front of a Saturn EV1... I guess they weren't all crushed
 photo IMGP3845_zpswmmnziix.jpg
Another Bond villain's vehicle, a Land Rover Defender
 photo IMGP3847_zpsxcbkjxrd.jpg
I remember this one from all the magazines: the Dodge Tomahawk, a four-wheeled motorcycle with a Viper V10!