Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Another car spotting thread...

My blog seems to be turning into a car spotting blog! This will change soon, as I am in the process of buying my next track car. I put down a deposit and can't wait to take possession of the car in the next few days. If it all works out, I may get a chance to try the car on track before the season ends (which is soon!). 

We have had a great summer as far as family activities, including a trip to southern France, a week-long trip to Ogunquit, and several smaller trips to the countryside. 

I have started running more seriously, which means 10 km three times a week, and I feel I am in decent shape, in that I could potentially start a marathon training plan without too much suffering.

There was also a big event in our lives: Jules has started school (kindergarten). The whole family heads out to drop him off every morning, which involves us leaving the house earlier than in the past. We met his teacher, and she seems fantastic.

Back to cars: here are a few interesting ones I have come across since my last post:

I don't love these Jetta's, but these wheels really improve the look of the car.
This Maserati is also greatly improved by its aftermarket wheels.
Same Jag, I still love it!
A really clean early turbo Volvo
I've never seen a VW Transporter 4-door pickup before... I like it.
This Bentley looks lowered. It greatly improves the look.
We took a ferry across the St-Lawrence a few weeks ago, and there were a bunch of vintage Citroen's on board with us.
991 GT3 in Old Montreal
A now rare BMW 850i
I've never seen this colour on a 997 before
Another "budget" Maserati, I often see it near my home.
I like the Miata coupe, but I still don't love the design of any current Miata's.
Very cool Mercedes 190e 2.3-16, don't like the wheels though.
I've always thought these Suzuki's were ridiculous, but I respect that the owner has kept this one so clean.
Rolls coupe in Old Montreal
Extremely rare Accord hatchback in remarkable condition
I respect that Chevy is trying to make a 90's style hot hatch, adding a turbo and bright paint to an econobox.
Someone in my neighbourhood bought the AMG S63 coupe in satin black.
Big rain, German muscle on my street
Lovely 930 on the way to daycare. Same dealer plate that was on the E30 M3 I recently posted.
Not my thing, but in excellent condition.
Cool Rolls convertible
Mini John Cooper Works
Loud paint on a loud Jag
Yas Marina BLue M4
A rare unmodified E30
Another Honda chosen by Oscar for a photo
... and finally, another BMW 850i

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Spotted: 1000 Miglia Citroen

I saw this Citroen on driving the other day but was not quick enough to photograph it. I was lucky enough to come across it parked on the street this morning. I have never been a huge fan of the DS, but I can't imagine anything more hardcore than participating in the 1000 Miglia rally on at least three occasions, according to the stickers on the car. Note the rally computer in the otherwise stock interior, and the actual route book in the rear window. The owner must ship the car to Europe each time... that is dedication!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer car spotting

As you can see in several of these photos, Jules and Oscar are more and more interested in the fact that I often stop to take pictures of cars when we are out and about on foot. Lately, Oscar has actually been asking me to take pictures of certain cars. Yesterday he shouted "Take photo dis Honda!", so I did. Jules no longer minds being photographed as much as he used to.

It's sad no longer having a car to enjoy on the track, but summer is still a fun time for car enthusiasts. I have sold a couple of major items from the crashed Civic, and will soon have enough funds to start thinking about the next track car. Stay tuned!

Oscar and the Honda he wanted to see photographed
Interesting-looking modified Subaru Forester
Oscar and a mid-80's Porsche Carrera
HRE wheels make any car look better
Super rare BMW E9 3.0 CSL
This house used to have a purple Hurracan parked out front... has the owner replaced it?
Two of BMW's best sedans: Alpina B7 and BMW 760. Wow.
Speaking of BMW sedans, I love the unpainted carbon roof on the current M3.
These Integra's still look good to me.
I wouldn't have photographed this Mercury, but Oscar asked me to.
This Del Sol I spotted at Costco looked amazing with these Ray's wheels. Notice it's RHD.
Also at Costco, the once-baller Mercedes 560 SEL
A rare colour for the E46 M3 
Camo wrap on this Fisker Karma
Another rare V12 spotted in Old Orchard 
A rare Cadillac ATS-V, some call it the 4-door Camaro
This is probably the cleanest Porsche 914 I have ever seen.
These buggies are not my thing, but this one was in fantastic shape
I see this AMG GT all the time. I even saw the driver getting pulled over by the police the other day.
Another car I see all the time, but I can't help but photograph it.
This generation of Alfa Spider looks great.
Another BMW rarity: the Z8. The design is aging very well.
Not that rare, but still nice Aston Martin V8 Vantage
A lovely mint condition E30 M3
Jules with the M3
Not the prettiest car out there, but a rarity: Abarth 124 Spider
This IS-F needs nicer wheels!
I like this new Subaru colour
Rare Subaru: the SVX, with wheels from a newer WRX STi
When I told Jules this was my first dream car as a teenager (realistic dream car), he asked for a photo.
Another design that is aging well: the Z4 Coupe (M version).