Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer car spotting

As you can see in several of these photos, Jules and Oscar are more and more interested in the fact that I often stop to take pictures of cars when we are out and about on foot. Lately, Oscar has actually been asking me to take pictures of certain cars. Yesterday he shouted "Take photo dis Honda!", so I did. Jules no longer minds being photographed as much as he used to.

It's sad no longer having a car to enjoy on the track, but summer is still a fun time for car enthusiasts. I have sold a couple of major items from the crashed Civic, and will soon have enough funds to start thinking about the next track car. Stay tuned!

Oscar and the Honda he wanted to see photographed
Interesting-looking modified Subaru Forester
Oscar and a mid-80's Porsche Carrera
HRE wheels make any car look better
Super rare BMW E9 3.0 CSL
This house used to have a purple Hurracan parked out front... has the owner replaced it?
Two of BMW's best sedans: Alpina B7 and BMW 760. Wow.
Speaking of BMW sedans, I love the unpainted carbon roof on the current M3.
These Integra's still look good to me.
I wouldn't have photographed this Mercury, but Oscar asked me to.
This Del Sol I spotted at Costco looked amazing with these Ray's wheels. Notice it's RHD.
Also at Costco, the once-baller Mercedes 560 SEL
A rare colour for the E46 M3 
Camo wrap on this Fisker Karma
Another rare V12 spotted in Old Orchard 
A rare Cadillac ATS-V, some call it the 4-door Camaro
This is probably the cleanest Porsche 914 I have ever seen.
These buggies are not my thing, but this one was in fantastic shape
I see this AMG GT all the time. I even saw the driver getting pulled over by the police the other day.
Another car I see all the time, but I can't help but photograph it.
This generation of Alfa Spider looks great.
Another BMW rarity: the Z8. The design is aging very well.
Not that rare, but still nice Aston Martin V8 Vantage
A lovely mint condition E30 M3
Jules with the M3
Not the prettiest car out there, but a rarity: Abarth 124 Spider
This IS-F needs nicer wheels!
I like this new Subaru colour
Rare Subaru: the SVX, with wheels from a newer WRX STi
When I told Jules this was my first dream car as a teenager (realistic dream car), he asked for a photo.
Another design that is aging well: the Z4 Coupe (M version).

Monday, July 3, 2017

I killed my Civic :(

I still can't really believe it, but, due to a driver error on my part, I destroyed my Civic by crashing into a Jersey barrier at the ICAR lapping night last Wednesday. I had just been passed by two BMW's and figured I could keep up with the second one through the high speed esses. I entered the left-hander a bit too fast and drifted a bit off the apex, which seemed like no big deal at the time. Just after I entered the steering input for the right hander, the rear of the car let go and I got back on the gas to catch it, but there was very little runoff area and I found myself headed straight for the aforementioned Jersey barriers. I managed to scrub off some speed but still impacted at 72 km/h. My airbags deployed, and the car is a write-off, as can be seen from this photo.

Physically, I was totally fine. However, I really feel quite stupid about the whole thing. I never realized how close that wall was to the fastest corners on the track, and I should have noticed this. I was gradually building up speed, as there were a few puddles on the track and I hadn't driven on track at all in five weeks. I let my competitive nature get hold of me after being passed by a BMW M2, and that was just foolish. I should have continued to build speed gradually and see how the car was behaving.

My season is over and my car is gone, and I have no one to blame but myself. I will now focus on selling as many parts as I can from the wreck so I can afford to buy another Honda next season. This sucks!

Update: here is a video of the crash.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Car spotting in the last few weeks

We just got back from our family vacation to the South of France. It was a lovely family trip. There were no car activities and there are fewer cool cars to spot in that area than one would imagine. I will give a more detailed description of the trip in a future post.

These F430's are still nice
The LH Hotel had its Ferrari back out front
I don't love these old Nissan's, but this one was in remarkable condition

Not my favourite Porsche, but I like the simplicity of these late 924's
15CV Citroen
Nice CRX 
Subtle as ever: M5
There are still people who daily drive their 993's
I love this modified V70R
I would pick this over the M5...
Lovely 2002, with roll bar, bumper delete and Alpina wheels
One of the rare Renault Sport models I spotted in France
Some kind of Exige, looked amazing
I don't know that this was, but it looked awesome!
I've never seen a Civic EP3 used as a company car
Another 993 Targa
I still love the R35 GTR
The original Godzilla
I still love the Ur-S4/S6
A rarity: Nissan Figaro 
This is a case where the wheels make the car...
This owner used to have a V70R... now he has this Polestar
Super-tasteful 635csi
A rare photo of our two cars. I wish I could drive them more in a more stimulating context than city driving...