Friday, February 10, 2017

Cool cars you see at the track

While we're still waiting for the 2017 track season to begin, here are a few paddock photos from 2016 showing some of the coolest cars I spotted at the track last season. Enjoy!

Crazy tube-framed Corvette at Mosport
Another crazy V8 at Mosport: wide-bodies Triumph TR8
Amazing Viper ACR at St-Eustache
The first time I spotted a new Focus RS was at St-Eustache
A Cayman GT4 (and a certain Civic!)
Two NSX's at the Club Civic Quebec day at St-Eustache
A lovely E30 M3 at the BMW Club HPDE at Tremblant in May
Nice 964 at Tremblant
My favourite colour for the E92 M3
Tastefully modified 993 at Tremblant
... and a tastefully modified early Lancer Evolution
Factory Five Cobra Daytona built for the track
Lotus Exige with a serious wing
The sweet-sounding Shelby GT350 (I believe this is the one I got to drive)
996 GT3 at Calabogie
Even stock, the GTR looks mean
Unexpected track car: Chrysler 300
Charger Hellcat
This is the 991 GT3 I actually got to drive on track
Another cool early Evo spotted at the track
Very clean 2nd generation Toyota MR2 Turbo owned by my friend Stéphane
A Ford GT at St-Eustache
Serious-looking C-7 Corvette 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post...

... but that's what happens when you have less free time on your hands. Everyone in the family has been sick at least once in the past couple of weeks, which has reduced everyone's quality of life a little.

I brought the boys to the car show a couple of weeks ago. I made the mistake of going on a Saturday afternoon, and it was incredibly crowded. I only snapped a couple of pictures, mainly of the boys, who enjoyed sitting in cars (and other vehicles). By the end, Oscar seemed to prefer back seats for some reason.

Jules enjoys a large Mini
Honda four-wheeler
Loud green for the new Civic
Other than that, not much is going on car-wise. The Civic is still at Marc's. He's installed the transmission, and I am waiting to here about his progress replacing the motor mount inserts and installing the new exhaust. I can't wait for spring so I can start driving the Civic again!

Other than that, it's winter... we spend a lot of time doing indoor activities! It hasn't been terribly cold, but I'm looking forward to spring.

Jules is pretty handy with water colour paint
There are not many cool cars out there, but there are a couple of decent SUV's...

Pretty similar in overall shape
This could almost e a photo from another era