Saturday, December 27, 2014

The busy days before the holidays

A combination of snow and constant temperature allowed the snow to stick to trees for days, which really made for some nice scenery in the city. 

It has also been warm enough on some days that we could take Jules and Oscar out for walks without freezing.

... Although Oscar mainly spends his days in his "office" at home.

He is able to sleep in many different positions, although he sleeps much better in the day than at night.

Jules has really been getting into the Christmas spirit this year. He even came with me to pick out the tree!

He also quite enjoyed a holiday train ride with Alex at Complexe Desjardins. 

We have had quite a bit of snow. Look how much fell in the few minutes it took to walk home from Jules' daycare!

Jules had his face painted at daycare.

We will have a lot of time together during the holidays, but it won't be that relaxing! I look forward to the little guy sleeping a bit more at night.

As far as car stuff goes, not much has gone on. I scraped up my knuckles nicely changing the driver-side door lock actuator on the M3 (3 hours and lots of swearing), but the car finally recognizes when the door is open (thus lowering the window a couple of millimeters and turning on the some light) after years of working only sporadically. I still need to change the brakes, re-apply the rustproofing and get a wheel alignment with the winter tires.

New M4 does not have a ton of presence...
Tastefully modified Golf with retro Porsche "Turbo" badge

Sunday, December 7, 2014

There's a new member in our family!

... and his name is Oscar Basile. He was born December 3rd weighing just under 7 pounds. He and Alex are doing great and we are readjusting to a sleep-deprived existence. Jules is also doing really well and seems to understand that he is a big brother now.

Today we had our first car ride as a family. For those who are wondering, you can fit two baby seats and a (cramped) adult in the back of an E46 BMW M3.

Jules giving Oscar a fist bump
Writng with bananas is fun!