Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First track session sort of a bust...

I had planned everything so that I would arrive at St-Eustache well before 5:00 pm so that my car would be 100% ready for the first session on track. It was clearly going to be raining all evening, so I swapped the tires on the Civic for some street tires with lots of tread before heading out.  The drive was uneventful, although I did smell something bad on the highway, like plastic melting. The smell disappeared after a couple of minutes and the car was still running.When I arrived in St-Eustache, I bought a new passenger side wiper, as my old one was starting to tear. I had to make one final stop to fill up with gas. As I tried to leave the gas station, the car would not start. I had left the headlights on while gassing up, so I figured my battery must have weakened over the winter. I tried to use a little push and gravity to bump start the car, but failed. I asked a friendly-looking guy to give me a little push, but I again failed to bump start. I then realized the key was in the wrong position and we finally succeeded on the next try. I drove to the track and still had plenty of time to get the car ready. 

 photo IMG_20140728_165214_zps99a42ba3.jpg
The Civic, ready for action (sort of)
I left the engine running to charge the battery. When I tried to move the car to the pit lane, it stalled as soon as I depressed the clutch and would not start again. I popped the hood and saw that the alternator cable end had snapped off (and the sheath had partially melted against the header, hence the smell). By then, Marc had arrived and he helped me temporarily reattach the alternator cable and we bump started the car again. By this time, the first 20-minute session was half over. Still, I belted up and headed out. I took it easy on the wet track as it was my first time out this year and my first time in the rain in a long time. After a couple of laps, all seemed good, and although I was driving conservatively, I was slowly catching the Civic and 911 that were up ahead of me. After 3 or 4 laps, the engine started sounding a bit rough, and Marc black-flagged me, as he had heard it too. I came in after 5 laps and parked the car. Marc suspected it was running on 3 cylinders, and I was not sure if it was that or a misfire. At least I had managed to see that the water temperature remained stable and the handling of the car seemed fine. I decided to drive the car back to Pat’s and take the bus home from there. I called him on the way and he suggested I first try to spray some WD-40 on the spark plug wires, as we had not installed new ones. I stopped at a Canadian Tire and bought some Gunk Wire Dryer and sprayed the stuff all over the wires. There was no change. I drove home and tried a different set of used wires, but there was still no change. I pulled off the distributor cap, and all looked normal. I was about to pull each spark plug individually, but a neighbour complained about the sound of my “tests”, so I called it quits. I will drive the car to Pat’s tomorrow morning, and I hope it’s just something minor, like an injector or a bad kill switch or something. All in all, it wasn’t a total disaster, as there was only so much data I could gather in the rain. Also, I at least managed to get home under my own power, and early enough to give Jules his bath. So, to be continued…

P.S.: best lap time so far: 1:15.39 (rain)

Cool cars spotted:
Bentley Arnage Black Label
Ferrari 458
Ferrari F430
Jaguar XKR-S
Nissan Pulsar GTi-R
Alfa Romeo Sypder Graduate
Maserati Spyder (1990's)
Porsche 997 GT3
Porsche 991 Turbo S
Porsche 964 RS America
Lamborghini Aventador
Aston Martin V8 Vantage

 photo 064acfc4-84cc-4561-8778-965112163259_zps316168a3.jpg
The inspiration and the inspired...

 photo IMG_20140726_182239_zpsccaab78b.jpg
Aventador at the Mount Royal Lookout
 photo IMG_20140726_182017_zps14363f3b.jpg
 photo IMG_20140726_094634_zpsaac7dbe9.jpg
Rare Alfa Spyder Graduate
 photo IMG_20140726_093625_zpsceb3d322.jpg
Also rare: Japanese market Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

Friday, July 25, 2014


First track test on Monday...

 photo 9f708aaf-cf2a-4a0b-b19a-2497c3407912_zps0c5e4bde.jpg
 photo 24c6e0f2-2983-4119-b6fc-453525ba170d_zpsc11998d7.jpg

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back to car spotting in Montreal

Although photos taken with my cell phone generally don't look that great, they can be improved with the simple editing tools on the Photobucket web site. Here are a few examples:

 photo IMG_20140723_131612_zpsed0c2318.jpg
Spotted this 930 Slant Nose today. I don't like it with these wheels...
 photo IMG_20140721_194922_zpsb45a63ea.jpg
Are those real center-locking wheels? Jules is unimpressed.
 photo IMG_20140721_193734_zpsc508d805.jpg
I suspect there was some sort of Porsche Club event in my neighbourhood. Nice contrast: 991 vs. 993
 photo IMG_20140721_163734_zps0fee0a67.jpg
A more affordable yet still appealing Porsche
 photo IMG_20140717_201236_zps19561d03.jpg
Moving to a Camaro theme: the ZL1
 photo IMG_20140722_222813_zpseb8beb3a.jpg
I was not a huge fan of these cars, but the SS is quite rare and still looks menacing 
 photo IMG_20140715_171715_zpsaeb74287.jpg
Moving to the Swedish side of things: turbo fast food delivery with this S60R
 photo IMG_20140719_112312_zps681ebcf6.jpg
A squeaky-clean Saab 900 SPG
 photo IMG_20140718_124309_zps05d85390.jpg
I don't know how many of these last-generation 9-5's are on the road, but I sure don't see many...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Supercar Parking photos from Goodwood FOS

I know I promised no more Goodwood galleries, but technically, these cars were not part of the festival. Rather, they were parked in the "Supercar Parking" area. As you can see, not every car there was a supercar, but there were some pretty rare and exciting cars in this area.

 photo IMGP6376_zps8750479c.jpg
McLaren SLR 722
 photo IMGP6386_zpsd9c740b8.jpg
McLaren 650S
 photo IMGP6377_zps417dd3e5.jpg
Ariel Atom
 photo IMGP6389_zps31b12409.jpg
 photo IMGP6380_zps644e7f0d.jpg
Alfa Romeo 8C
 photo IMGP6458_zps0e989f09.jpg
Alfa Romeo 8C
 photo IMGP6384_zps562a1e2d.jpg
Acura NSX #1
 photo IMGP6402_zps4e6d75f4.jpg
Acura NSX #2
 photo IMGP6385_zpsd6b35517.jpg
Amazing variety
 photo IMGP6387_zps9be61c1c.jpg
A variation on the E-type theme
 photo IMGP6388_zps48f4f399.jpg
New GT3
 photo IMGP6412_zps2e49f791.jpg
 photo IMGP6414_zpsd15371f0.jpg
Rear view of the CSR
 photo IMGP6406_zpsab0c8f3b.jpg
Nice old Carrera

 photo IMGP6392_zps95644d18.jpg
New BMW M4
 photo IMGP6393_zpsa476db2b.jpg
Pagani Huayra
 photo IMGP6399_zpsbfceacb0.jpg
Stunning rear view

 photo IMGP6396_zps6a00baaf.jpg
BTCC replica Mercedes
 photo IMGP6397_zps09b3c82e.jpg
New Aston Martin Vainquish

 photo IMGP6409_zps64b091a2.jpg
A pair of GTR's
 photo IMGP6410_zps9cdc42f9.jpg
Ferrari 575
 photo IMGP6423_zps42db2ad5.jpg
Ferrari 458 Speciale
 photo IMGP6453_zps4274440a.jpg
A rare red Ferrari 612
 photo IMGP6413_zpsd6044482.jpg
Even more rare, a Ferrari 275
 photo IMGP6415_zps79c3e37d.jpg
Bright blue Aventador

 photo IMGP6417_zps496f51b4.jpg
 photo IMGP6383_zpsdcd273d4.jpg
TVR Chimaera

 photo IMGP6419_zps7eda44c7.jpg
TVR, Noble and company
 photo IMGP6425_zps654d7c04.jpg
It was hard to know where to look!
 photo IMGP6426_zpsbd3bd82a.jpg
Rob and Alex were a little less impressed than I was.

 photo IMGP6439_zps92de0a3a.jpg
But other people were interested as I was.
 photo IMGP6440_zpsaf1a48d2.jpg
Noble M600 Carbon Sport
 photo IMGP6405_zps0c11b861.jpg
Noble M600 Carbon Sport
 photo IMGP6452_zpsa86d699e.jpg
Noble M600 Carbon Sport surrounded by other exotics
 photo IMGP6420_zpsf259cd53.jpg
An older Noble

 photo IMGP6447_zpsf1d4d2d7.jpg
Jules seemed to enjoy the area

 photo IMGP6456_zps74d2c84f.jpg
A lovely early Lotus Esprit
 photo IMGP6379_zpsae269171.jpg
Rear view of the Esprit

 photo IMGP6462_zps44953a4d.jpg
Jules seemed to like it
 photo IMGP6407_zps33b40d66.jpg
A more modern Lotus, the Exige
 photo IMGP6463_zpsa68665cf.jpg
A great place to spend our lunch break!