Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Holidays are approaching

Not much has been going on car-wise. The Civic and BMW are in their storage locations. The Saabaru is doing a great job as our winter car, and looks spiffy on its 17-inch wheels. There are not too many cool cars on the road, but there are a few...

The Saab after a rare car wash
One of those cars you almost never see anymore: Infiniti G20
Super awesome winter car choice!
A clean lowered Civic coupe for winter? Why not
One of the most boring Civics looking cool on BBS wheels
The Civic just before storage
... it actually saw snow.
Cool parts cars behind the car wash... what happened to that Alfa?
Even with one of my all-time favourite wheels, the Impreza looks boring
A super rare BMW 750, V12 winter car!