Thursday, December 22, 2016

Car spotting in Montreal and Maine

(This post was drafted last month, but I only got around to posting it now!)

Alex and I were fortunate enough to be able to get away to Ogunquit, Maine for the weekend, thanks to my Mom, mother in law and sister watching the boys. It was a bit cold on the Saturday, but we really enjoyed ourselves and spent a lot of time outdoors. We visited Newburyport and Plum Island for the first time, and they were both lovely places. We came across this little British car dealer called "Brit Bits" and I could not help but stop for a few photos. 

This E-Type was not in mint condition, but the price of only 40 000 $ reflected that.
They had a whole bunch of MGB's
I was surprised to come across a super rare Lotus Eclat
You can see from this pic that Jaguars used to be small... 
There are still a bunch of interesting cars on the streets of Montreal as well...

Faded paint, but no rust at all on this Jetta from B.C.
Another big Car: C63AMG
Parked near a very small Mini, British Racing Green edition 
I had never seen a Skyline wagon before... this one was mint 
I don't know if this was a "real" Brabus, but it was at least a nice SLP with cool wheels... 
The 1M looks a bit cartoonish compared to an M2 or M3...
This neat Westfalia looked ready for anything
A pretty terrible car, but you have to respect the clean condition...
The 300ZX is low compare to modern cars... not the best colour here
Darth Vader's winter car
Again, not my thing, but you have to respect how clean it still is after 30 years
How to move your family quickly, and in style
Canadian military G-wagen...nice
The V10 M6 is still badass after all these years
First time I see one of these Bentley SUV's
A proper SUV
This is the rare version of the Bentley Continental
I have seen this 456 a few times. I think the design has aged very well.
Flat grey RS7 on a grey day
One of three neat cars in the same parking lot in Old Montreal. I like the hard top.

2 of 3: 944 Turbo
3 of 3: the same Ferrari 456
I strill really dig these older STi's 
The same Cayman GT4 I have seen many times before... still being used as a street car
RHD Toyota Aristo