Thursday, November 15, 2018

Ready for winter

Winter is pretty much here now. It was colder yesterday than any other November 14th in history. I finally got the Saabaru fully ready for winter (rustproofing, winter tires, new windshield) and am enjoying it as much as I did last year (and it hasn't even snowed yet). 

Other people are ready for winter too: 

This 4x4x2 looks like it could roll over the Maserati if it wanted to
Defender 110 in the city
There are still a few classics on the road:
My brother's first car was a Malibu
I see this clean E28 535i quite often in the neighbourhood
Not my thing, but cool to see a Corvair on the road
Nice wheels and "stance"
I find myself more and more drawn to these CLA45's... I wonder how they are to drive.
Looks sharp in silver too.
It snowed on the M3 a little... time to find a storage spot.
My dream winter car and actual winter car
2 Saabs in one shot...
... and again!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Winter is almost here

Winter is coming very soon. There have even been a few snowflakes in the last few days. I got the Saabaru out of storage, but there are a few things to fix before I can store the BMW for winter. I have decided to run the 17-inch OEM Saab wheels this winter, and have bought some lightly used Nokian tires in the OEM size. I've only driven the car for less than an hour, but I was quickly reminded what a fun car this is, especially in city driving, with its potholes and multiple lane changes.

Saabaru almost ready for action
Not the prettiest car, but not too bad
There are other people getting their winter cars ready too:

Do you prefer white?
.. or black?
There are also still quite a few summer cars and classic cars out there, enjoying late fall.

I think these mid-range Z3's have aged well
Not my favourite Ferrari, but it looks good in white with these wheels
A classic Land Cruiser, which can also deal with winter.
The M2 looks mean in black
This classic will surely be stored this winter.
... this 2002 as well.
Not my favourite Z-car, but it was in nice condition in a nice colour
Another summer car that will surely be tucked away soon.

The Acura RSX Type S is becoming increasingly rare.
These BBS style wheels really look great on an E46 sedan... the design has aged well.
More great wheels: I really love Rotiform wheels. Look how they can transform a plain old Golf