Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Change of seasons, Oscar turns two, we have a niece!

I am so behind on blog posts that many of these photos were taken while there was still no snow on the ground. Anyway, before the holidays, we had Oscar's second birthday, and celebrated the birth of my sister's baby, Lily.

Oscar in the woods above Mont Royal street
Oscar in snow gear in our driveway
Jules and I found a way to pick up a Christmas tree without making a mess in the car
Oscar's Curious George birthday cake
Jules and Oscar in the back seat. Oscar was not into the face paint...
Squeaky clean Jules
As for car stuff, not much has been going on. The Civic is still at Marc's. What was supposed to be a relatively easy transmission upgrade has taken longer than expected. The first transmission I bought had a broken differential. I then paid more to get a pristine, newer transmission, which I received a few days ago. I also had to do some research to figure out what clutch I needed, as I have the flywheel from a 5-speed Civic and the transmission of a 6-speed. It turns out I needed the clutch for the 5-speed, which is not listed in the Exedy catalog for my car. It is listed for the base model Acura RSX, which has the same transmission and flywheel as my model. It also turned out I don't have a lightweight flywheel, as the seller of the Civic had indicated, but I don't really care about that. I was also told that one of my transmission mounts was finished, but it turns out that the mounts I have only need to have their inserts replaced, and these cost only 20$ per mount. Anyway, all of this should be assembled relatively soon, I hope.

On the streets, there are fewer cool cars than in summer, but there are still some unexpected cars (unexpected in winter, that is).

I still love the XK-RS
Another great winter beater, the AMG GTS
First spot of the Maserati SUV... not bad looking
Nice colour-scheme on this Rolls