Thursday, April 30, 2015

It took a while, but spring weather has arrived

I haven't had much free time to write here, but I have been snapping photos on my phone whenever possible, which helps me to remember what I should be posting about.

The weather has finally become more spring-like. We actually went to the park yesterday (although it was a bit chilly!).

Oscar is sleeping in his own room, unfortunately, not for very long periods of time though. He has also started eating baby cereal, which he quite likes (I think... he eats it without protest). 

Jules in his new hat at Parc Outremont
Oscar is eating cereal now
Oscar's racing outfit
Jules has been enjoying the Musée des beaux-arts
Museum basement
Jules and Alex in front of the Mexican restaurant on Fairmount (note the wrestler figurines)
Staged photo, but still cute, right?
At least Jules thought it was funny
My club AISA held its first race school at St-Eustache last weekend, and it went quite well. We had a good group of students and some fairly nice weather. I even washed the M3 for the occasion (although I did not swap on the summer tires yet).

The car was clean...

... but not for long, as I again managed to get stuck in the mud looking for a vantage point at the end of the (damp) paddock.
Welcome to 1990! These were parked in the spectator area at the race school.
What about car spotting? As spring is here, there are now a few exotics on the road. Here is a sampling: 

The California actually looks good in this colour/wheel combo. Note the yellow stripe around the front grille. 

The 458 is still a stunning car, even though it's being replaced

First Hurracan I have seen "in the wild". It's quite nice.
... although I still think the Gallardo is a current-looking design and has presence.
People who know me know that I am not a bike guy, but I quite like the aesthetics of these retro Japanese café racers.

AMG's... boy are they ever popular. And they sound so cool too!

Chrome wrap is a bi much, but this one has my son's name on it! Also, cool sounds.
Tasteful C63 with red interior (tacky, but I like it).
Still one of my favourite SUV's. Note the side exhaust.
The new S63 has presence.

Another G63
Debadged E63 wagon, very tasteful.
A bit less tasteful, but it is eye-catching
I love seeing track cars like this GT3 just parked on the street,
P85D... D is for Devil inside!
If you're wondering when Dodge started using this colour...
... over 40 years ago, it seems.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Photos from the 2015 AISA Race School at St-Eustache

Here are a few photos I took at the AISA Race School at St-Eustache, where I was instructing last weekend. It felt nice to be at the track, especially given the decent weather we had. As usual, there was quite a mix of cars out there. Enjoy!

 photo IMGP8258_zpsm9ujvosj.jpg
 photo IMGP8248_zpsxqtbssps.jpg
 photo IMGP8238_zpsmbg5arut.jpg
 photo IMGP8229_zps4vbj52nx.jpg
 photo IMGP8233_zpsbftapouf.jpg
 photo IMGP8234_zps4yowupla.jpg
 photo IMGP8236_zpsbtitxqdy.jpg
 photo IMGP8227_zps7mbpbqcx.jpg
 photo IMGP8224_zpss06eoysk.jpg
 photo IMGP8223_zpset7gorbj.jpg
 photo IMGP8214_zpssdcbnij5.jpg
 photo IMGP8179_zpsuiehzq1q.jpg
 photo IMGP8196_zpsjmyilnvu.jpg
 photo IMGP8203_zpsyjman0sd.jpg
 photo IMGP8211_zpsek4pxxrx.jpg
 photo IMGP8168_zpsiixqiz4m.jpg
 photo IMGP8160_zpsabdsbihg.jpg
 photo IMGP8150_zpshgroy5ll.jpg
 photo IMGP8144_zpswevfy4r2.jpg
 photo IMGP8123_zpsfhyhaavf.jpg
 photo IMGP8131_zps6c4cfzbu.jpg
 photo IMGP8133_zpsydrlyeud.jpg
 photo IMGP8136_zpsv9esd3uh.jpg
 photo IMGP8110_zpsewivuqey.jpg
 photo IMGP8091_zpshvsykudw.jpg
 photo IMGP8088_zpseakw7hsk.jpg
 photo IMGP8274_zpsgfi8taln.jpg
 photo IMGP8255_zpsaaao9eur.jpg
 photo IMGP8082_zps6o1tpj38.jpg
 photo IMGP8087_zpses5shyrg.jpg
 photo IMGP8257_zpsmoklkyo3.jpg
 photo IMGP8193_zpsradwcmpm.jpg
 photo IMGP8073_zpsnlrypyhn.jpg
 photo IMGP8278_zpsbggdzrwl.jpg