Thursday, April 4, 2019

Spring is almost here

Spring is here on the calendar, but the temperature still falls below zero almost every night and there is still a lot of unmelted snow on the ground. Still, there are a few more summer type cars on the road and the roads are clear enough that I will try to get out the BMW this weekend. 

There has been no real time to deal with car issues, as we are pretty busy trying to get the project house ready to use. I will bring the Saabaru to Pat's as soon as I have the BMW on the road so he can figure out the rear suspension issue (there is a clunk, maybe the sway bar, maybe something bigger). I should also get the Civic out and start preparing it for the track season, but I just haven't been able to find the time... Hopefully, all the projects will move forward a good deal in the next couple of weeks. 

This Miata is back in my neighbourhood again this year, now with a For Sale sign
Rare colour for the Type R
It's rare that people install these types of flares so well.
Cool colour for 4-series sedan
Poor photo of the new 3-series... it looks as if they borrowed the tail lights from an Audi.
Ugly wheels, cool little car in a nice colour
The most sleeper-spec M3 you will see
I think this 7-series Chris Bangle design has aged very well.
Another Type R in the same parking lot as the red one
Maybach limo service
Neat colour combo for this Jeep
Satin grey AMG S-class
Nice winter car
Cool RHD Land Cruiser
I had never seen one of these Saab 9-3X's before
The Saabaru, washed by the rain
Another cool winter car
Not sure if I like this colour, but it attracts attention
Not one, but two wingless STi's
An unexpected winter car
First spot of a new A-class... I quite like it.
I used to want one of these when they were new (circa 1993).
Cool AMG, needs a wash though