Thursday, January 7, 2016

Car Spotting in L.A.

So I don't really have that many car spotting photos from L.A. as I was almost always in the car when I saw cool stuff and therefore not in a position to take pictures. Here are a few that I did manage to take.

A rare and very clean Porsche 968
The AMG GT looks awesome in this colour
I still prefer the AMG SLS to the GT though
Clean little Toyota AE86
A Mugen Civic Si sedan, not available in Canada
First time I had seen the new BMW 7-series
There were dozens of Rolls-Royce in Beverly Hills, but this one really stood out (for all the wrong reasons)
One thing I noticed was that many people had parked cars on their properties that did not seem to get much use. Some of these cars were really cool. These four cars were all located within a kilometer of my friend Ray's house.

Right across from Ray's house, no real roof on it...
I think this Mercedes 6.9 was the only one I have ever seen in person. At least it looked road-worthy. 
Far from road-worthy: a Fiat 500 shell parked sideways in this large car-port
This MG Midget was also probably drivable

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