Monday, November 2, 2015

New Camera... Yay!

Last Friday, I came across an ad for a used Pentax DSLR camera on Kijiji and I bought it. It's a 2012 model, so six years newer than my old one. It takes pictures at 16 megapixels, rather than 6. It also takes series of photos much faster and performs better in low light situations. I'm pretty psyched!

New camera!
In other news, my parents sold the house where I grew up, which they have owned since 1974. I visited with the kids last Saturday and let them play in the back yard a bit before it's gone. My parents will be moving to N.D.G. in December, bringing them closer to all three of their kids.

We enjoyed some pretty decent weather for Halloween. We went trick or treating with a family of recent immigrants who were doing it for the first time in their lives (with their little daughter). It was really quite sweet (as was Jules' haul of chocolaty candies!).

 photo IMGP2458_zpspljnilzg.jpg
Jules with his grandpa
 photo IMGP2583_zpseyh7nwl3.jpg
Oscar in the yard
 photo IMGP2429_zps56j3owjm.jpg
Action shot of J.
 photo IMGP2537_zpszuxrfol1.jpg
A sweet Z06 passed by my parents' house
 photo fe0b7876-cb10-498b-bbe2-8333c627a518_zpsylckao1e.jpg
First automotive action shot with the new camera
 photo b303d059-f103-41d2-a438-5bc1172de5cb_zps4ojwnjgq.jpg
What looks to be a Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo
 photo IMGP2705_zps2pofcrng.jpg
Ready to trick-or-treat
A really clean Golf . Not a GTi, but still nice.
Defender 110 looking ready for adventure
 photo IMGP2683_zpsnoleyxjd.jpg
Another clean unmolested early  Miata
 photo IMGP2689_zpstd6lovnh.jpg
A nice Defender 90
My buddy used to have a Cougar like this one
The best angle for the new C63
Beautiful sky this morning on the way to work
A happy boy wearing my hat.
A typical alley view in Montreal

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