Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another beautiful fall day

It was a beautiful day to walk to work today, as the temperature was several degrees above normal for late October. There aren't many leaves left on the tree, but it's still quite nice out there.

On a walk to Bureau en Gros earlier, I saw a new Audi TT, and it must be the most underwhelming re-design of the year. 

The new edgier nose does not fit with the rest of the design
The rear has barely changed
Within a few minutes, I had spotted both previous generation TT's
The first generation still looks good and it was a really bold design when it hit the market in 1998
A strikingly-coloured M3
I again spotted this 6-series
One of the coolest M-cars now available, the M3
Ugly wheels, but the FR-S looks much better without the rear wing
There was an extra Rolls this week in front of the LH Hotel
This F430 seemed out of place in Mile End
A break in the clouds on McGill street
Some trees still have their leaves
It was misty on the mountain this morning
Oscar quite likes the piano
Jules, making himself at home at Rockland shopping center
Oscar, waiting patiently for lunch time

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