Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 Montreal Car Show

I think I found the winning formula for visiting the car show this year: I go alone for about an hour, than Alex and my mother meet me with the kids a bit later, and I go through a second time. The first round lets me go through alone and take as many pictures as I can, and then it doesn't matter if I am rushed through the second time through. As was the case last year, the highlight for Jules is to sit in as many cars as possible. The highlight for me was a little gem tucked away at the back of the Honda stand (see photos below). A cople of other nice surprises made this one of the better car shows in recent memory.

Note: these photos were taken with my phone, as I only got my DSLR lens back from the repair shop today (doh!).

The new AMG C63... still understated, but no more 6.2 liter V8
Jules behind the wheel of a Police interceptor Dodge Charger
The gang in and around a Jeep Wrangler
Jules driving Alex and Oscar in the new Honda Fit
For some reason, Jules did not want to leave this electric Ford Focus
Jules enjoys the Audi R8
And he has a go in the Jaguar F-Type
Lexus concept car... I don't like the wheels
Mazda really got the styling right on the current Mazda 3.
The car looks especially good with dark-coloured wheels
I never liked the Mini Coupe, but as a race car, it sort of works
The interior of the Mini... I had never seen these protective "walls" for the feet before
It doesn't look right in the photo, but this is one of my favourite BMW colours: Dakar yellow
You can still be stylish in a wagon, says BMW
I still prefer the new M3 to the M4, although Alex prefers coupes
The i8, still looking like a car from the future
Weird matte colour for this M6...
... but for some reason, it works
One of the surprises of the day... I did not know that the Alfa Romeo 4C would be sold in Canada
Viper, you're still cool in my book
Under the lights, this colour was striking
This car just looked right
Nissan: still building cars for the enthusiast
This Juke Nismo seems to have run in the Targa Newfoundland
Here is a mockup of the cars that will soon be racing in the Micra Cup
Highlight of the show for me: 1964 Honda formula 1 car

Not especially pretty, but the Civic Si is still an excellent car
Toyota concept car
Weird Ford Ecotec buggy
No nonsense: the Camaro Z28
... and its big brother, the Corvette Z06
... complete with plastic fender lips in front for the wider rubber.
Not that pretty, but still impressive-looking
Not all tuner cars are Japanese or German
RWB style 911... is it a real RWB?
What's special about this GTR?
Carbon fiber!
Lamborghini Gallardo race car
... and Lambo street cars. The Aventador and Huracan are hard to tell apart
The Huracan is the one with the massive air scoops behind the door.
This Magnum Mk5 looks neat. Will it see production?

Whoever drives one will have to be pretty friendly with her/his passenger, as they will be almost touching each other
911 Carrera 4 GTS... nice, but what's with the white taillights?
The Cayman is a better-looking car, in my opinion
Over-the top Jaguar XF-RS... disappointing rear legroom for such a large car

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