Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's cold outside!

Even though my Civic was actually sold a few weeks ago, I only had it delivered it to its new owner yesterday. It was sad to see it go, but at some point, there will be a new project to replace it.

My birthday came and went in a flash last week, as I was very busy with work. We did go to two different restaurants on Saturday to make up for it.

Jules is always willing to help out in the garage. Here he is helping me set the proper tire pressures in the M3.

Jules got his first taste of a beanbag chair at the Outremont library. I'm not sure if he is sold on the idea yet...

Another area where Jules likes to help is with making cookies. I have to say, he's a pretty good sport, considering that he doesn't even eat cookies!

Oscar doesn't mind hanging out in the kitchen, but he chooses not to help with the cooking.

The winter weather has not kept Montrealers from driving some cool cars this winter, as is evidenced by this trio.

 photo 20150107_142041_zpsa55ed872.jpg
Alpina wheels on this lovely 6-series
 photo 20150107_105743_zpsd6b653ea.jpg
You don't see many of these SL's in winter
 photo 20150105_160102_zps60222ca0.jpg
This must be the first Ferrari I've ever seen on ice-covered roads
 photo 20150105_160022_zps5243940e.jpg
... it's nice to see the car used as the designers hoped it would be!

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