Sunday, October 12, 2014


Jules and I started the holiday Saturday with a visit to St-Eustache to check out the Super Production Challenge races and the ASE Lapping Club Time Attack. It was to be the final event for 2014 in each series. It was tough not to be racing, but I still enjoyed walking around the paddocks.

When we arrived, we saw Carl and Perry's lovely 996 GT3, looking spotless. I later found out that when Carl parked it there, it was leaking fuel and would have to be towed home!

 Jules and I checked out the action from the paddock area. If my face looks swollen, it's because I had dental surgery a couple of days earlier.

There were some interesting track cars in the paddocks. One of these Evo's is a replica. Can you guess which one?

Seeing these two super clean M3's of the same colour and generation as mine got me thinking I should have the paint polished, like these two owners did. The result is amazing.

This time attack Subaru is one of the fastest production-based cars in the province.

Later in the day, after Jules' nap, we went for a walk in Outremont and spotted a few interesting cars on the street.

I was too slow to get a good shot of this clean E30 M3
I was too lazy to slow my pace in order to get a better photo of this GT-R
This Porsche is nothing special, but the Avant-Garde wheels were really well-suited to the car
Jules loves pumpkins!
Two neat cars in one shot: a classic Mini and a Saab Viggen
A lovely new M3 on Laurier street

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