Wednesday, October 8, 2014

An enjoyable season

The weather has been generally quite good this fall and we have been able to spend a lot of time outdoors. We went apple-picking with Jules, and he managed to fill a whole bag of apples with minimal help from us. He also quite enjoyed sitting on a tractor, as he usually does.

Another milestone was reached: Jules had his first haircut. Although he did not terribly enjoy the process, we are pretty happy with the result.

Even with the Civic gone, it's hard not to think about car-related subjects. Here are a few thoughts:

The Mazda 3: I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but the 5-door really looks like it was designed by Porsche. I have yet to see one with nice wheels with the optimal offset, but I think it’s a great-looking car.

Maserati Ghibli: the proportions are better than the current Quattroporte, and similar to the old Quattroporte. It’s a lovely sedan.
 photo 20140929_085632-1_zps71821b73.jpg
Porsche Macan: each new Porsche Cayenne is better-looking than the previous generation and the Macan is better looking still. It reminds me of one of my favourite SUV designs, the original Infiniti FX35.

Chrysler 200: it doesn't look terrible... 

The second car quandary: the Civic is sold. We now only have one car. As I have mentioned many times before on this blog, I have always loved having two cars. I can’t explain it, it’s related to the freedom of being able to choose which car to use for a particular task. The fact is, though, that the Civic never got “chosen” to do anything expect track events, as it was not a particularly pleasant street car. Also, the M3 never got chosen for track (except one time for a few laps!) because the cost of breaking the car was too high.

Even if I had the time and money to devote to a second car now (at some point, I will!), it would not make sense to get a track-only car like the Civic, as I won’t have time to go to the track very often now that we will have two little boys to take care of. As far as getting another street car, it’s very hard for me to imagine a better street car than the one we have now. The M3 may be getting older, but it still does everything well: it’s quick, comfortable and looks great. Apart from gas, the running costs are surprisingly low. I don't know if it would be worth the trouble of owning another car if there was no potential to drive it on a track. Of course, you can slowly build a track car... it can take months, or even years, right? 

 photo 20141005_170629_zpsef88b4ed.jpg
A neat duo spotted not far from home. The S2000 is boxed in pretty tight!
 photo 20141005_170615_zps7c44b478.jpg
The S2000 is small, but not as small as the NB Miata
 photo 20141002_093338_zps87d2d6da.jpg
Spotted at the dealership... still a nice car!
 photo 20140930_085825-1_zpsf06a505e.jpg
Same Celica as the other day
 photo 20140930_085720_zps6c6feefc.jpg
... and this neat vintage Honda in the same area.
 photo 20140929_090209_zps3c17a8cd.jpg
I don't like the CLA's, but I am a sucker for small styling cues like the red stripe in the grill
 photo 20140927_150701_zps2ea5f877.jpg
Not a great car, but a pretty one!
 photo 20140926_085242_zps88ea8183.jpg
Still, I would prefer one of these.
 photo 20140924_201442_zps074766a8.jpg
Another cool delivery vehicle: this super clean E36 BMW

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