Saturday, September 27, 2014

Interesting cars in the neighbourhood...

It's surprising what a variety of cool cars one can spot on even a short walk. The other day, I spotted all these neat cars on the way to Jules' daycare and on the subsequent walk to the closest metro station.

 photo IMG_20140905_085023_zpsc66311c7.jpg
I first spotted this Euro-import Mercedes 230GE (I see it often)
 photo 20140924_092455_zps413a0b80.jpg
Then I saw this 1970's Porsche 911S
 photo 20140924_091544_zps5babd71e.jpg
How is this for cool and rare? An Audi S6 Avant.
 photo IMG_20140922_164424_zps950ce43e.jpg
Another cool import SUV I had seen before, this Turbo Diesel 2-door Land Cruiser (from British Columbia)
 photo 20140924_093156_zps61d380b5.jpg
This was the most surprising spot: a first generation Toyota Celica. Looks kind of like a mini-Mustang
 photo 20140924_093117_zps8b9c409d.jpg
I love the side mirrors!
 photo 20140924_093153_zps2bc363c3.jpg
As a bonus, it was parked in front of another relative rarity: a second generation RX7 convertible

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