Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More apples and a mini vacation

As the nice fall weather continued, we decided to head back out to St-Joseph-du-Lac for another round of apple picking. It's an inexpensive activity and Jules seems to like it.
Jules quite enjoyed the animals in the small barn
And of course, picking apples on low-hanging branches
The family, on our way to the orchard in a trailer pulled by a tractor
A neatly designed play area made out of hay bales
Back in the barn

The following weekend, Alex and I planned a short getaway to Ogunquit, a final little trip before the new baby arrives. Luckily, my mom was available to watch Jules for the weekend. We hit our usual spots: Ogunquit beach, the Maine Diner, Portland Maine, Portsmouth New Hampshire, the Marginal Way and a few others. It was a lovely and relaxing weekend, but over too soon.

Alex in front of a 200-year-old house on the Strawberry Banke in Porstmouth
Not that many tourists on a Monday in October
Moody Beach, in company of hundreds of white birds near the rocks
Bridge over the salt marsh
Alex and the Portland Head light

Lookind back towards our hotel from the Marginal Way
Our quaint hotel room was on the second floor of the Terrace hotel
The view from our hotel's lawn
Of course, there were a few neat cars to be spotted (among the SUV's and Crown Victorias) if one really looked.

 photo 20141020_125713_zpsa271a228.jpg
A nice 964 with the nicer OEM wheels
 photo 20141020_125205_zps111aa2f4.jpg
A lovely 60's Mustang in great condition
 photo 20141019_155611_zps1f0be6f4.jpg
A very clean E36 M3: the best all around car one can buy under 10 000$
 photo 20141019_105141_zps1d80320a.jpg
A loud but nice colour for this Lotus Elise R
And finally, a couple of spots from Montreal:

 photo 20141016_162724_zps471d939e.jpg
A cool E28 M5, with period-incorrect but still nice wheels
 photo 20141016_083123_zpsee046387.jpg
This Dodge Aries is just like my first car, except for the colour and hubcaps. I am surprised to see this one still running and in such good shape.

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