Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mini vacation

A few days ago we enjoyed a mini vacation in St-Adolphe-d'Howard, about 90 km north of Montreal. For me, the highlight was the beautiful lake over which we had a lovely view. It was actually warm enough to swim in it. I think that the highlight for Jules was that there were three other kids there to play with. He also seemed to quite enjoy himself at the "Village du Père Noel" amusement park (with the exception of the petting zoo, which scared him a little...). I would definitely rent this chalet again in the future.

 photo IMG_20140811_091155_zpseadfe9b8.jpg

 photo PANO_20140810_163809_zps33ed738a.jpg
 photo IMG_20140811_112955_zps403f9ac1.jpg
 photo IMG_20140811_111742_zpsd24d44a7.jpg

 photo IMG_20140811_105614_zps90db224c.jpg

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