Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I can't believe Jules is already 2!

We organized a birthday party for Jules at home with a few of his little friends. Here is Jules sort of enjoying some home-made cake.

 photo 98b8c9a4-51e5-4e54-a12e-94ddbd933955_zps2bf57615.jpg

The following day, there was a family party at my parents's house, where Jules was clearly enjoying his birthday cupcake (home made by Val!).

 photo 7145be7f-7431-471e-bf7d-fc7969faedc0_zps11c12c12.jpg

He now has a bunch of new toys and books... they barely even fit in the playroom. Happy birthday to our special little guy. We love you!

 photo IMG_20140817_182307_zpsfb9d231b.jpg

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