Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spotted, 80's and 90's edition

In the past few days, I have spotted a couple of rarities from the 80's and 90's, rare because there are so few left or rare because of their colour or condition. Enjoy!

 photo IMG_20140812_105012_zps420628c2.jpg
A clean early Mazda Mx-6, extremely rare these days!
 photo IMG_20140812_090339_zpsa5a41a9e.jpg
Nothing too special about this 535i, just a clean car in great condition
 photo IMG_20140810_134644_zps6087920e.jpg
This reminded me of my Aries... a lot of energy poured into an original project
 photo IMG_20140811_163247_zps804a19d9.jpg
This rare Prelude SR-V was also in nice condition and had its original wheels too
 photo IMG_20140812_112941_zps7a422c99.jpg
There are still many of these SL's on the road, but this colour combo is rare, and the original wheels work well here

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