Sunday, July 13, 2014

Goodwood Photo Gallery Part Three

Here is my third gallery of photos from the Goodwood Festival of speed.

For the second gallery, click HERE

For the first gallery and my write-up, click HERE

 photo IMGP5863_zps8e1083eb.jpg
Arctic Truck, like the one used by Top Gear to drive to the North Pole
 photo IMGP5830_zpsdc5c23c1.jpg
McLaren in action on the hill
 photo IMGP5578_zps1e524f77.jpg
Stunning Jaguar XJ220
 photo IMGP5572_zpsee24e327.jpg
One of my favourite cars of the Festival, the Jaguar XJR9
 photo IMGP5570_zpscb90fb6b.jpg
Another favourite, another Jag, the TWR XJS
 photo IMGP5569_zps279176e4.jpg
A lovely D-Type at rest
 photo IMGP5763_zps470bd373.jpg
The Audi that won Le Mans 2014
 photo IMGP5739_zps10e9040f.jpg
The famous JPS-liveried Lotus
 photo IMGP5564_zps65a53bde.jpg
A lovely C-Type in an uncommon colour
 photo IMGP5780_zpsd90408e2.jpg
Another favourite livery: Gulf Porsche 917
 photo IMGP5693_zpsc86231b1.jpg
Another favourite: Le Mans Mazda
 photo IMGP5678_zps8870efba.jpg
McLaren 650S GT3
 photo IMGP5518_zps6be9cef0.jpg
Lexus LFA, still a great car
 photo IMGP5674_zps8d2cfec7.jpg
Another McLaren F1 car
 photo IMGP5667_zps2e643acd.jpg
The one-off TVR Speed 12
 photo IMGP5616_zpsc23d3a40.jpg
Another Le Mans class-winner, the Aston Martin Vantage
 photo IMGP5562_zpsc399e6e7.jpg
The weird and awesome Brabus 6x6 G-Wagen
 photo IMGP5601_zps6d4a7b8d.jpg
Beautiful Maserati
 photo IMGP5772_zps913e4042.jpg
The Rothmans Porsche 956 and 962 under the same tent
 photo IMGP5514_zps430b8371.jpg
Lotus Exige V6 Cup
 photo IMGP5529_zpsc2014a98.jpg
Loud paint on this AMG SLS
 photo IMGP5598_zpsc924c27f.jpg
Famous Maserati birdcage
 photo IMGP5721_zps24f403a2.jpg
One of my favourite rally cars: the Toyota Celica Twin-Cam Turbo
 photo IMGP5731_zps5aa7e8b8.jpg
Everybody seemed to love this Bentley
 photo IMGP5754_zpsca012254.jpg
Toyota's 2014 Le Mans entry
 photo IMGP5582_zps5cc2be6c.jpg
A Maserati MC12 that was decorated specially for this event
 photo IMGP5627_zpsbabb2b1b.jpg
An unexepected IMSA road-racing Ford RS200
 photo IMGP5752_zps4d72a3b0.jpg
1998 Toyota GT-One
 photo IMGP5717_zps462dcc52.jpg
Another surprise, as I did not know Mercedes ever raced these SL's
 photo IMGP5704_zpsf00e6f2a.jpg
2011 and older F1 cars made up to look like 2014's, in order not to violate F1 practice rules
 photo IMGP5749_zps6aa2477b.jpg
Minolta Toyota 88C-V
 photo IMGP5768_zps7c16f205.jpg
956-962-911 GT1
 photo IMGP5503_zps3027cef5.jpg
Maserati Alfieri Prototype
 photo IMGP5580_zps00e55ff6.jpg
A small yet beautiful Alfa Romeo sports racer
 photo IMGP5718_zps82b1ad42.jpg
Mercedes streamliner transporter: maximum speed 105 mph!
 photo IMGP5723_zpsa00a96fe.jpg
Some very pretty F1 cars. This one participated in the timed runs.
 photo IMGP5623_zps2c703eb3.jpg
Amazing livery, amazing car
 photo IMGP5714_zps48cbb18c.jpg
Mika Hakkinen's old DTM Mercedes
 photo IMGP5697_zps0beea836.jpg
A Porsche 959, with matching wheel covers!
 photo IMGP5767_zps8f727120.jpg
1998 Le Mans winner: the 911 GT1
 photo IMGP5554_zpse25ca629.jpg
In the Mazda Miata 25th anniversary section, with the word "Inspiration" written above it!
 photo IMGP5766_zpsbc2e825f.jpg
The fastest car on the hill for 2014: Sébastien Loeb's 2013 Pike's Peak Peugeot

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