Thursday, July 10, 2014

Goodwood Photo Gallery Part Two

Here is a second batch of photos from Goodwood. Enjoy!
 photo IMGP7268_zpsd4dec709.jpg
WTCC Chevy Cruze
 photo IMGP7156_zpsd5e4da91.jpg
Alfa saloon car
 photo IMGP7136_zps05ec431a.jpg
Maybe the most famous Mini ever, driven by Paddy Hopkirk himself
 photo IMGP7087_zps6b16dbf9.jpg
Famous Bentley endurance racers
 photo IMGP7015_zps8131c75c.jpg
Mechanic on board, just in case!
 photo IMGP6959_zps40dd6aa6.jpg
RX7 driven by a famous drifter
 photo IMGP6912_zpsefca1c34.jpg
Current VW WRC car
 photo IMGP6893_zps3759ede2.jpg
Lovely Seat Cup car, only 70 000 euros
 photo IMGP6862_zps51036f1a.jpg
Beautiful Lotus Exige LF1
 photo IMGP6858_zpsd78fdc22.jpg
This Alfa in their makeshift dealership was clean enough to eat off of!
 photo IMGP6854_zps4fd099c6.jpg
Nissan prototype
 photo IMGP6801_zps8c0d3ba1.jpg
AMG SLS on the hill
 photo IMGP6786_zps97b13ace.jpg
Koenigsegg in action: 1 hp for every kilo
 photo IMGP6715_zps0f64d2a8.jpg
Jag XJR9 on the hill
 photo IMGP6522_zps1bdd472c.jpg
Tarmac setup for this Lancia Delta S4
 photo IMGP6367_zps44b8a996.jpg
The P1 on the McLaren stand
 photo IMGP6344_zps598fb8aa.jpg
The Red Arrows in action
 photo IMGP6340_zps5d559769.jpg
This Maserati A6G CS won the Cartier Style et Luxe competition
 photo IMGP6326_zpsadcf79de.jpg
Chris Evans' lovely Ferrari Daytona in an unexpected colour
 photo IMGP6316_zps86d99a5e.jpg
The Delta S4 at rest
 photo IMGP6141_zps7bcd2633.jpg
Ford Sierra Cosworth on the hill
 photo IMGP6128_zps192bd0e7.jpg
Porsche 917 Can-Am in action
 photo IMGP6123_zpseaa256e3.jpg
A beautiful Ferrari sports racer
 photo IMGP5539_zpsf292b304.jpg
The new Lamborghini Huracan
 photo IMGP5738_zps633766e3.jpg
A lovely long-tail McLaren F1
 photo IMGP5713_zps9768be35.jpg
Sauber C9: looks mean even at rest
 photo IMGP5636_zpsee8c3a7a.jpg
Didier Auriol's WRC Corolla
 photo IMGP5650_zps68d5fb86.jpg
A Paris-Dakar Mitsubishi Pajero
 photo IMGP5712_zpsb34afbf9.jpg
98 or 99 Le Mans participant Mercedes CLK-GTR
 photo IMGP5633_zps5f37e7f5.jpg
The Peugeot 405 driven by Ari Vatanen at Pike's Peak in the film "Climb Dance"
 photo IMGP6109_zps7197c8e7.jpg
Renault endurance racer
 photo IMGP6084_zps5373949a.jpg
Minimalist Porsche
 photo IMGP6068_zps1db7aa42.jpg
911 GT1
 photo IMGP6015_zps0b1cf82d.jpg
Another clean design
 photo IMGP6008_zpsba2094f8.jpg
Nice modern Ducati
 photo IMGP5973_zps66bc216b.jpg
Another classic Toyota rally car
 photo IMGP5934_zpsebae60e5.jpg
And this one is a bit older...
 photo IMGP5916_zpsd7b72cac.jpg
Focus WRC on the rally stage
 photo IMGP5885_zps2f624750.jpg
One of my all-time favourites: the Quattro
 photo IMGP5882_zpsbbee0a53.jpg
The legendary Lancia Stratos... it's a small car!
 photo IMGP5870_zps69171212.jpg
An unexpected 240Z in the rally paddocks
 photo IMGP5869_zps17baceac.jpg
The boys taking in the show

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