Monday, July 14, 2014

Goodwood Photo Gallery Part Four

Here is a fourth gallery of my Goodwood photos!

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 photo 6803fb61-6b86-4369-8e09-82a18a416d73_zps202337cb.jpg
Retro Mercedes Grand Prix car
 photo IMGP7172_zps026b37a6.jpg
...  and its modern counterpart
 photo IMGP7208_zps290cd867.jpg
A modern Red Bull
 photo IMGP7159_zps092b024e.jpg
I'm not a huge Capri fan, but this example was quite nice
 photo IMGP7052_zps059a4931.jpg
An old Ford Galaxie touring car
 photo IMGP7032_zpsc37f8f62.jpg
Yet another Ferrari GT car
Maki Cosworth heads towards the paddocks photo IMGP6966_zpsc098605e.jpg
The rather unsuccessful Maki Cosworth F1 car
 photo 04b8ef4b-659d-4712-8f66-824efc323bbc_zps847050e4.jpg
A beutifully preserved Grand Prix car
 photo IMGP6882_zpsb7efeab9.jpg
Close up view of the Koenigsegg's carbon fibre wheel
 photo IMGP6875_zps5dd4a95e.jpg
Carlsson C25... I didn't even know Carlsson made a complete car!
 photo IMGP6873_zps9f93176d.jpg
A beautiful colour for the Porsche 918
 photo IMGP6865_zpsb7dd6bc8.jpg
A similarly interesting colour on this Lotus Evora
 photo IMGP6849_zps1528c138.jpg
Rear view of the Nissan concept car
 photo IMGP6846_zpse578059c.jpg
... and a less radical Nissan concept car
 photo IMGP5755_zpscb70731f.jpg
Menacing Audi, even at rest
 photo IMGP6820_zps54bf6bea.jpg
The LFA is a stunning car in person, if not in photos.
 photo IMGP6817_zpsc2762c88.jpg
Hard to believe this is a car you can still buy new today!
 photo IMGP6805_zpsbd8fc6a2.jpg
Ferrari had this roofless version of the F12 on hand
 photo IMGP6792_zps7664ffd3.jpg
The Lamborghini Huracan in action
 photo IMGP6784_zps1424dab0.jpg
This Noble M600 was more of an "old school" supercar
 photo IMGP6772_zps12e328e4.jpg
Another stunning vintage Ferrari
 photo IMGP6719_zpsd9e018dc.jpg
We've been hearing about a new NSX for years. Is this finally it?
 photo IMGP6703_zps8c67597e.jpg
Class-winning Aston Martin, with the Le Mans dirt and grit still covering the car
 photo IMGP6691_zpsedbbf4fe.jpg
Porsche used to make some utterly beautiful sports racers.
 photo IMGP6662_zps273f2472.jpg
The AMG SLS looks equally good as a race car.
 photo IMGP6500_zpsf4a191de.jpg
The Nascars wowed the crowds with smoke shows...
 photo IMGP6482_zpsa64ff048.jpg
... and not all smoke was the same colour
 photo IMGP6483_zpse00c36d3.jpg
The only Vulcan bomber still flying
 photo IMGP6359_zps521fc933.jpg
Red Arrows putting on a show
 photo IMGP6341_zps69be5c03.jpg
... in full colour
 photo IMGP6338_zpsf5417c58.jpg
More cars from Chris Evans' unbelievable collection
 photo IMGP6337_zps7114fb2c.jpg
... and these cars were just sitting on the lawn, for all to see up close
 photo IMGP6336_zps8c8c4fd1.jpg
The collection featured numerous Ferraris
 photo IMGP6333_zpsd520ef41.jpg
... from the 60's to today (including the 80's!).
 photo IMGP6321_zps3ba6c954.jpg
Many people don't know there was a Group B version of the Mazda RX-7
 photo IMGP6293_zps38d91f7a.jpg
Jules tries to drive off in the Nismo Nissan Juke
 photo IMGP6270_zps789a5617.jpg
BAC Mono, a lovely track day special
 photo IMGP6203_zps58f053a5.jpg
Caterhams don't all look like old Lotus'
 photo IMGP6135_zps8e47fb5f.jpg
The Zytec Z11SN Nissan that won the LMP2 class at Le Mans this year
 photo IMGP6119_zps0da9f5ff.jpg
Yes, that's another Jaguar XJ220!
 photo IMGP6075_zpsf546f73c.jpg
This Nissan GTR was really using the full width of the track.
 photo IMGP6060_zpsb2ca50d6.jpg
Who would have thought Bentley would ever make a GT3 version of the Continental?
 photo IMGP6035_zpsbd391d1a.jpg
Pre-2014 F1 cars sound amazing in action
 photo IMGP6016_zps39339199.jpg
...but older F1 cars sound pretty awesome as well.
 photo IMGP5939_zps10e75dd1.jpg
Not exactly a rare classic, but nice to see in action on the rally stage
 photo IMGP5910_zps52143d2a.jpg
One of the many Metro 6R4's on hand this year

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