Monday, July 14, 2014

Goodwood Photo Gallery Part Five

Here is the fifth gallery of my Goodwood photos (I'm almost done, I promise!).

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 photo IMGP5897_zps0a8cf74e.jpg
Bowler Wildcat

 photo IMGP5881_zpsf12d727e.jpg
The Group B tent

 photo IMGP5872_zps7d5caaad.jpg
Lancia 037 (and yes, the yellow car is a Lotus Esprit rally car!)

 photo IMGP5553_zpsd0e9ccf2.jpg
GT4 Mazda MX-5

 photo IMGP5550_zps5b271aa1.jpg
The Alfa Romeo 4C

 photo IMGP5548_zps999e346f.jpg
... and the much less attractive Spyker

 photo IMGP5744_zpsa51ed31b.jpg
An early Honda F1 car, attended to by several Japanese gentlemen

 photo IMGP5762_zps426b4a1e.jpg
The cockpit of the Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro

 photo IMGP5541_zpsc9b67b89.jpg
The BMW I8... sadly not as good-looking as most of the other supercars

 photo IMGP5694_zps3415559a.jpg
The rare Lancia Beta Monte Carlo race car

 photo IMGP5779_zpsc6f6e88a.jpg
Another simple yet beautiful Porsche design

 photo IMGP5659_zps1b2b9a25.jpg
A couple of BRM's, including one with 16 cylinders!

 photo IMGP5637_zpsf4e04b31.jpg
IMSA road-racer Ford RS200

 photo IMGP5778_zpsd10c54f7.jpg
Lovely vintage Porsche sports racer

 photo IMGP5791_zps7cf6b88a.jpg
Some stunning cars under the Surtees tent

 photo IMGP5689_zps15cc336e.jpg
Another Gulf-liveried Aston Martin endurance racer

 photo IMGP5688_zpsd26242f0.jpg
Nissan's GTP racer from the 90's

 photo IMGP5732_zpsa0e20782.jpg
Rear view of the Mazda 767B

 photo IMGP5532_zps362cb296.jpg
It's rare for me to come across a car I have never even heard of, like this Arash AF8

 photo IMGP5646_zpse9608984.jpg
Ford Sierra Cosworth touring car

 photo IMGP5708_zpsd09a32c9.jpg
Renault-Alpine sports car

 photo IMGP5588_zps533bd48f.jpg
Did I mention there were several Maserati MC12's on hand?

 photo IMGP5774_zpsb359660f.jpg
A pretty radical Porsche 935

 photo IMGP5586_zps116ab7d9.jpg
Rear view of a Jaguar XJ220

 photo IMGP5756_zps3fbcbcf8.jpg
Another modern Audi sports car

 photo IMGP5645_zps47933d81.jpg
An Aussie V8 Ford Falcon

 photo IMGP5612_zps3c2a9f66.jpg
Another beautiful vintage Ferrari

 photo IMGP5644_zps8c067365.jpg
Ex-BTCC Renault Laguna

 photo IMGP5610_zps9974e66a.jpg
The Ferrari 166

 photo IMGP5665_zps916c8a97.jpg
Another view of the front lawn of Goodwood House

 photo IMGP5508_zpsac3d2c73.jpg
A pristine Maserati Ghibli

 photo IMGP5524_zpsde6a499a.jpg
The LaFerrari at rest

 photo IMGP5500_zpsf8ace660.jpg
Front view of the Maserati Alfieri concept car

 photo IMGP5510_zps617fa139.jpg
This Morgan looked the business

 photo IMGP5700_zps6a90f47c.jpg
I wish I could have got some better photos of this IMSA GTO Audi 90, one of my all-time favourites

 photo IMGP5597_zps17989ac8.jpg
So many special Maseratis under one tent!
 photo IMGP5493_zpsce3e6001.jpg
... as well as on the lawn.
 photo IMGP5494_zps2e8d7282.jpg
Another concours-level Maserati
 photo IMGP5495_zps447a4588.jpg
Jules could hardly contain his excitement as he danced from one Maserati to the next.

 photo IMGP5750_zps1723c190.jpg
This Toyota sports car was another car I had never heard of

 photo IMGP5522_zps58c762f9.jpg
That is some serious aero.
 photo IMGP5728_zps9baa104d.jpg
Under the hood of the GT3 Bentley

 photo IMGP5595_zpsbeb36ecb.jpg
Rear view of the Ferrari 166

 photo IMGP5702_zpse28a603a.jpg
An interesting look under the skin of a former Alain Prost F1 Renault

 photo IMGP5607_zps3346fcfd.jpg
A BTCC audi A4, still looking sharp

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