Thursday, December 22, 2011

I finally have some free time...

So I can write in the blog after almost three weeks since my last post. To keep things simple, I will not mention anything automotive in this post and then I will make a second post about car stuff.

I have been pretty busy at work, since my intern finished her internship a few weeks ago. Luckily, I will have a new intern in January.

I haven't played basketball in a few weeks, due to scheduling and my family Christmas party in Ontario, but I've been to quite a few games with my grade 8-9 girls. The Diamonds are having a pretty good season, as we go into the holiday break with a record of six wins and two losses. We have lost twice to the undefeated first place team (just like last year) and we only have one more chance to beat them in the regular season. We will almost certainly play them in the regional playoffs. Our brilliant assistant coach Darlington says he is treating the whole season as a practice for that one playoff game, which makes sense. The only game against that team that really means anything as far as winning a regional championship is that final.

Even though the girls have several wins, the team's play has been inconsistent. We have managed to raise the intensity level of the team, and we now have to work on correcting mistakes to minimize turnovers. I will be taking the coaching Level II training in January, since the league requires this level to coach grade 10-11, which I may end up coaching next year. I have been watching basketball documentaries (Gunnin' for that Number One Spot, The Heart of the Game) which, combined with the fact that my 21-year-old assistant coach knows ten times more than me about the game, makes me want to improve my knowledge of basketball and my coaching skills. I realize that I never really had a great coach from the age of 12 and that I mostly just showed up and played. I think this is something I can address though, by reading books, watching videos and attending training seminars.

As far as running goes, I have simply not done any. This is a bit sad and I have no real excuse. Any 2012 marathon I might run is so far off I barely even think about it. I will try to get some runs in during the holidays.

Alex has successfully completed her first semester teaching as a professor at Concordia University. She put in many hours and did a good job with her students, while continuing to work on future publications with her collaborators from around the world. She is still busy and will even have to work during the holidays, but she seems more and more comfortable with the work load.

All that is left is to wish any readers a happy holiday season!

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