Monday, October 3, 2011

Time attack at St-Eustache

There was a low turnout for the final time attack of the season at St-Eustache. Time attack is basically a race against the clock. I participated and I can't say I performed that well. My best lap was a 1:02.287, a full second slower than my best lap of the season. I can't blame the conditions, as other Honda guys set their personal best laps (Maxo, Antoine and Pascal). This placed me last place in the FWD modified class. I also spun the car on two separate occasions (once, strangely, at the exit of the Carousel, and once at the hairpin in the rain with my slick tires) and had an off in the Carousel onto the grass on the outside of the corner. My driving was less than impressive. Luckily, there are a couple more driving events scheduled this weekend and I will not have to go into the winter months having ended my season on a bad note.

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