Thursday, October 21, 2010

OK, the racing season is really over now!

I could not resist heading out to the track on Monday evening for one last thrashing of the race car. Carl had arranged it so that the lights would be on, allowing us to run later than usual. Here is a little video I compiled:

Here is an awesome picture taken by Jeremy
Sadly, on Monday evening, Franck informed me that the 2011 Boston Marathon was sold out. In fact, it sold out in 8 hours, whereas it took two months to sell out last year. This sucks, as it was our plan to run in this historic event... I guess we'll have to find another event.

The schedule for my girls' basketball team is out and we don't have any regular-season games until late November. In order to keep the practices interesting, I've borrowed a couple of library books with drills. So far, the players seem to be enjoying the variety. My own season starts next Friday. I was drafted by my buddy Jean-Seb, who was newly promoted to team captain this year. We should have a pretty strong team.

In a few minutes, I will head over to the airport to pick up Alex, who will be in town for the weekend. :) :) :)

Cool cars spotted:
Jaguar XK-R
Jaguar XF-R
Audi RS4
Audi S8 V10
Maserati Merak (!)
Maserati GT

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