Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yesterday at St-Eustache, Marc offered me a little test drive in in his Locost/Lotus Seven replica. I have always wanted to try one of these little rockets, so I jumped at the chance. Here is a photo of the car:

Marc's Seven
After a few laps, I felt comfortable enough to try to carry more speed through the corners. Clearly, the car can be driven much faster, but it was still quite thrilling to be driving in a car where you sit so low, with no windshield. I love seeing what my front tires are doing! This is an amazing little car and what is even more amazing is that it was built in a garage by Marc and Fred (who will soon have his own completed version of the same car). Thank you for the opportunity, Marc.

Here is a small video where you can hopefully get an idea of how fun this car is to drive:

Apart from driving Marc's car, I got in a bunch of laps with my own Civic. I was hoping to clock my best lap of the year, but I missed it by a few tenths. I managed a 1:02.91 and several other laps under 1:03. There were a few puddles on the track, which kept us from driving the race line in the dogleg. I again had fun dicing with Pascal and his Civic and Trong and his CRX. It was a fun day and probably the last outing of the year for the race car. The car really felt good anf it's nice to end the season on a high note.

Here are a couple of pics of the Civic on this beautiful fall day:

Cars look better on grass!

Beautiful day!
Cool cars spotted:
Ford GT
Lotus Elise
Bentley Continental

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