Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Classic at Tremblant

This past weekend I participated in the Fall Classic at the Mont Tremblant circuit. I had a good time, despite the constantly changing weather, and got reacquainted with sprint races, as opposed to enduros. Unfortunately, despite the very large number of cars, there were few with as little horsepower as mine. As a result, I often found myself running alone. I let Carl run one qualifying race on Sunday and, as often happens, he was faster than me by a few tenths (at least it wasn't a couple of seconds!). I recorded some video and, more importantly, data, so I can see why Carl is faster (he is not faster everywhere, at least!).

I pitted with my friend Pat Boyer and he and his parents could not have welcomed me any better. I enjoyed all my meals with them and shared their motel room. What a nice bunch of people! Unfortunately, Pat was involved in a race incident on Sunday which caused heavy damage to the other car (little damage to his Integra). On top of that, the other driver, a super nice guy named Luc, was pitted right beside us, which led to a tense moment after the race. Fortunately, everyone kept his head.

Here are some pictures I found online and on Flagworld:

Pat and I on Saturday
The Boyer Family and I in front of Pat's Integra
Me driving the Civic
In the middle of the pack in the GTE-GTF race
Driving alone
More Saturday action... a race start
Sunday races
Hanging out with the other 4-cylinder guys
A cool pic of the Civic
... and another one
I don't know exacly where I finished in class, but it was not very high. I was in the slowest class, for those lapping in 2:00 minutes or more. Given that my best lap was a 2:02.381, I was well behind the people who were lapping in 2:00.something. Still, I was happy to lap faster than I had at the August VAG lapping day, despite the lack of a limited-slip differential and 4.78 final drive In the enduro, I finished 32nd out of 47 cars. As there were 38 finishers, I was not "almost last". The car performed as well as expected, but I am a little turned off by my lack of power compared to almost everyone else racing in Quebec!

On Friday, I will hold my second basketball practice for the girls. I will make them sign the contract we negotiated which is mainly concerned with disciplinary items. This is part of my plan to increase the level of discipline in comparison to other years. Having an assistant coach should help me stay on top of things. We will see...

My own basketball league starts up on October 15th. I look forward to that as well.

News of Alex:
Alex is still working hard in Chicago! The impression that I get is that her level of devotion to her students far surpasses the ordinary. I hope they realize how lucky they are! A couple of her friends visited her last weekend and she now has a few acquaintances in the city itself. Hopefully this makes her stay in a foreign city more enjoyable and less lonely. Thank God for Skype and Google Phone!

Cool cars spotted:
Porsche GT3 RS
Porsche 930
Ferrari F430
Aston Martin Vantage

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