Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pre-season basketball

Although we have only had a couple of practices, my new girls' grade 7-8 team was put to the test this morning in the pre-season qualifying mini-tournament. The goal of the tournament is to determine whether the team will be considered an A team or a B team. Last year, we played in A and won about 1/3 of our games. I figured we would improve this year, as the majority of last year's team is back (now in grade 8) and we are still in the same age category.

The mini-tournament went well. Many of the girls have improved over the summer, one of them drastically improved. Also, one of the new girls is simply astounding. She had no apparent weakness, except that she is really quite short. We won our first game against Jean-Eudes 26 to 10. We won the second game 30-8. Considering that these were 30-minute running time games instead of 32-minute stopped time games, this was a serious offensive performance.

So the tournament went well, but I was quite surprised to find out that, for a technical reason, we have to play in AA. It turns out that three of my girls will be playing on a AAA municipal team, which automatically sends the team to AA. I have seen AA teams in action, and they are pretty good teams. It will be a tough season, but I figure the girls will learn more than they would have winning a bunch of games in A. Also, there are 3 other teams in the same situation, who were planning to play in A and also got bumped to AA because of a few AAA players. We will have to work hard and see how it goes!

I am heading out to Mosport for an ASE Lapping Club track day on Monday. This should be a fun, low-key event. If the weather is nice, I look forward to a fun day. Last Monday, I went to Monday night lapping and ran my best lap of the year: a 1:02.86, which is only 1/10th slower than my fastest ever lap with the 1.6 liter engine. The car felt "hooked up". The tires were semi-worn Toyo RA1's. I hope the strong reliable performance continues at Mosport.

Here is a short video I made of me dicing with Pascal:

News of Alex:
Alex has given her students a mid-term, and it seems to have gone well for most of them. She will be back in town in two weeks for a brief visit. A couple of our friends are currently visiting her. We speak often on Skype and G-mail-phone. I will be glad when she is back for good!

Cool cars spotted:
Porsche 997 GT3
Ferrari 550 Maranello
Bentley Continental
Audi R8
Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
60's Corvette
Maserati GT

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