Monday, May 17, 2010

Still a lot going on... I'm tired!

I was hoping this past weekend would be somewhat relaxing, but I guess that was never really going to happen. I feel tired and I'll be glad when the marathon training is over. Because I pushed my Sunday run to Monday, I ended up running over 100 km last week. Yesterday I ran with the faster guys from my local running room group and it went well. The last couple of runs, I have tried to see how fast I can go while keeping my heart rate in a comfortable zone. I don't know too much about the relationship between heart rate and fatigue yet, but I'm trying to learn. This is the last week of heavy training and it really tapers off for next week, which is the last week before the race. I can't believe the race is in less than two weeks!

I finally visited my race car yesterday and helped Pascal put the finishing touches on the car (like installing the doors, seats, seat belts and bumper covers). The only thing we seemed to have got wrong is the way the tail lights got pugged in, as there are no turn signals and the brake pedal makes the turn signals light up! Weird, but we really had no time to fix it last night, as Pascal had to work at 10:00 pm. At least I got to sleep before going to work! I will be taking the car to St-Eustache this evening to shake off the rust and run a few laps with the old girl. I will try to take photos or video.

It's also time to plan my summer vacation with Alex, although this has taken a bit of a back seat due to the marathon preparation. Luckily, Alex is quite patient. I think she knows that I really do want to go on vacation but that it simply isn't the thing I am most focused on right now.

I can hardly remember what it's like to have free time!

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