Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another busy week

It's been a busy few days. The weekend was long and not all fun. We left home for Calabogie at 4:30 am and arrived there around 7:30 for the school. The conditions were not great, as it was cold and raining. A student crashed his car heavily near the end of the day and both he and the instructor riding with him were taken to hospital. The student had a cracked rib and the instructor, a concussion. This caused us, as instructors, to more thoughtfully consider what kinds of risks we are taking when we get into a car with a student. Calabogie is a big track. There are many students' cars that have 500 or more horsepower. It's definitely something to think about.

I had brought my running gear to Calabogie, as I am supposed to run every Saturday and Sunday, but didn't feel like running after a day of instructing in the cold. Also, it was starting to snow by then. It ended up snowing most of the night and we awoke to winter conditions. I actually had to borrow a scraper to clean off the car!

Sunday was uneventful and the students made progress. There were no more on-track incidents. I left as early as possible for Montreal because I wanted to get in a run before turning in.
On Monday, I decided to skip the lapping at St-Eustache so I could go on the 29 km run I was supposed to have done on Sunday. Alex joined me and it was quite pleasant, although not that warm. This was the longest run of my program and it was quite tiring, even at an easy pace.
On Tuesday, Alex and I found out that she would be attending a teaching workshop in Portland, Maine on the following day. There had been some sort of misunderstanding that led Alex to believe, until the last minute, that she was not going. Well, it turns out that she was invited after all! I decided to take a day off and head down to Maine for the day. The plan was to leave at 6:30 so that we could arrive there at 12:00 for the workshop that started at 1:00. The plan was working well, until we realized after 50 km that we had forgotten our passports. We could not head back into Montreal, because it was rush hour. A quick call to Alex's cousin, who live not far from us, has a key to our place, and works on the South Shore, meant that we had our passports by 8:45. We got going again but it seemed to take forever on the single lane highway that you need to take for 200 km. On top of that, there was a forest fire that forced us to find an alternate road at one point. Alex was an hour late for the workshop, which is not too bad, considering it was five hours long.
I brought my running gear, since I was still a day behind schedule on my runs and I had a few hours to kill. I found a running store online that was nearby and when I arrived there, I was happy to see that they had my shoe (Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10) for only 99$. I think the store employee did not believe I was a serious runner for a couple of reasons: 1) I asked her if the shoe came in any other colours. This was a legitimate question! I had seen other colours online! and 2) I told her that my current shoe was the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6, which technically is a 3-year-old model. If she thought I only bought running shoes every three years, she must have also thought that I don't cover many miles running. In fact, I bought my GTS 6's last year at Winner's, not three years ago. Also, I had two pairs in rotation. Anyway, I bought the blue/white ones, which look like this:
New shoes! 
These will be my shoes for the marathon, as my others are starting to have high mileage on them (between 400-500 km each).

I had mapped out a run that took me from one state park to another following a coastal road. As I set out on the run, I wasn't "feeling it". I later noticed that the beginning of the run was actually quite a steep climb, which might explain how tough it felt. The run went well and I managed to average 4:30 per kilometer, which is my planned marathon pace. Afterwards, I had some tasty fried shrimp at the Lobster Shack, where I had parked my car during the run. I picked up Alex and we decided to go eat at Barnacle Billy's in Ogunquit, a favourite vacation spot of ours about 50 km away from Portland. Although we arrive home pretty tired at 1:00 am, it was a fun mini road trip. The training continues tonight, and the race is only 17 days away!

Cool cars spotted:
Porsche 996 turbo
Porsche 997 turbo
Corvette Z06
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10
Audi S4
Audi R8
Shelby GT500
Triumph Spitfire
Alfa Romeo Spider
BMW E30 M3

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