Sunday, August 31, 2008

Slow weekend

Well, my car is still not fixed. JP didn't have time due to his busy schedule, so he just took his own car to Calabogie for the Solo 1 national championship. There are less than 2 weeks before the War Bonnet Enduro at Mosport, which makes me wonder if we will find the problem that has been making the car overheat and also make the alternator wiring reliable (it acted up again on the way to JP's place last Sunday). If I can't make the enduro, maybe I can make the Fall Classic at Tremblant the following week...

I made a purchase that is indirectly related to my passion for cars and racing: a DVD player with a USB slot. This allows me to download stuff at work (where there is no download limit), put them on my 8 GB memory stick, and watch it at home. It works well and I've watched 1/2 the 2004 BTCC season this weekend.

I saw a Nissan GTR for the first time. It's pretty impressive, in that is has presence. It's not a small car by any stretch, however. I saw another R8: that is one beautiful car!

Cool cars spotted:
Audi R8
Nissan GTR
Ford GT
Corvette Z06
Mini Cooper S Works
Mini Cooper S AC Schnitzer
Audi RS4
Ferrari F430
Ferrari 512 bb
Bentley Continental
Bentley Mulsanne S

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