Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Too much stuff happening for just one post today!

I have to write a separate post about other stuff that happened since Mosport. Speaking of Mosport, there were some very cool cars there:
Lotus Super 7
Audi R8
Porsche GT3 RS
3-rotor RX-7
Ferrari 512 bb

We drove back from Mosport Sunday, and yesterday, there was a time attack organised by Trac Racing at St-Eustache. JP and I shared the car. There was heavy rain in the morning. I had the fastest time over all in the rain practice and was pretty happy about that.

In the first timed run, JP blew through the cones at the bus stop. I thought I had the fastest time, but Antoine Nguyen beat me in his stock Type R. Dang!

In the second run, the track was drying fast. I ran in the first group, but Trong Nguyen beat me with his B16 CRX. We had both lapped in the 1:04's, which is not bad as there were still a few puddles on the track. Then JP ran in the next group in my car and clicked off a 1:03, winning the event.

We were sent out for a final shootout involving the top 5 drivers. JP went out in his own car and had no real chance to win as a result. We were sent out in inverse order. I had Pascal St-Cyr in front of me and Antoine in front of him. On the first lap, I noticed a cone lying in the racing line at the oval-in. I decided to take it out on my next lap, which I did. On my fourth lap, I got into a slide at the dogleg and took out a cone there. I ended up with the fastest raw time, a 1:02.1, but was disqualified because of the cones. No matter, I was happy with the time. 1:02 with a few puddles and the wet weather funnel on the oval is a pretty decent time.

Here is a video of my run in the shootout:

There are a few issues to fix on the car, but there is plenty of time to do this.

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