Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring is really here

You know spring has arrived when you start to see sport bikes and Ferraris on the road. The first Trac school at St-Eustache was cancelled, but the second one is on for this upcoming weekend. The warm weather should melt the last of the snow.

The Civic is running reliably since I changed the starter a few days ago. The car is not using any oil, which is good news. It seems the oil I kept adding was compensating for the leak (now repaired) in the catch can and not burnt oil.

I am trying to organize my team for the Mosport Sundown GP enduro on May 17th. I can't wait to do this event! I've even been playing my PC simulator "GT Legends" to get mentally ready (Mosport is a downloadable track for the game). I've confirmed one of two crew members and both my co-drivers so far. I will register for the event once I have confirmed that the race car is OK after doing a test run at the Calabogie race school in 2 weekends. We put the car away in sound mechanical condition. It only needed an alternator, as far as I know, as the old one crapped out on the way to Calabogie in October (as described in this blog).

I saw a new Subaru STi and I really like it. It looks functional and aggressive, and less tacky than the old one with its huge wing and hood scoop (don't get me wrong, I also loved the old car).

Cool cars spotted:
Ferrari 360 Modena
Maserati Coupe
Aston Martin DB9
Porsche 996 turbo
Nissan Skyline GT-R
Toyota Starlet Turbo
Nissan Pulsar GTI-R
Lotus Esprit 300
New Subaru WRX STi

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