Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Winter is really here now.

This morning, I woke up to see that most everything was covered in a thin layer of snow. I'm glad I got to drive the Civic a bit in dry conditions. I can confirm that the Civic is extremely pleasant to drive. It has all the good qualities of Civics, as well as something many Civics lacked: torque.

I reluctantly put the Mazda up for sale yesterday. I already got a call from someone who just lost his own 323 in an accident and we talked for a while. I hope he buys it, since I would like the person who ends up with the car to be a 323 enthusiast.

Alex and I joined my friend Will and his wife Marie-Helene for a shopping trip to the USA this past weekend. We drove there in his mid 90's Grand Cherokee. I have never driven any vehicle with a more vague feel in the steering. It's almost scary. What's also scary is the sheer number of SUV's in the US... it was not easy to spot our car in the various parking lots, as it was often hidden by much larger SUV's, like Ford Excursions or GMC Suburbans.

I have a new theory on why American cars are not stylish or efficient in their use of fuel and space: Americans don't demand this in their cars. They are content to buy large vehicles with no style fitted with 200 hp 4.5 liter engines, as long as the monthly payment is low. It's sad.

Cool cars spotted:
Porsche 996 turbo
Pontiac GTO
Toyota Supra turbo
Audi S5

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