Thursday, November 15, 2007


I finally picked up the blue Civic from Pat's last night. What a relief. The radio is too loose and bouncing around, but other than that, everything is fixed, even stuff I didn't ask him to fix, like some of the lines of the rear defrost, or the cigarette lighter, which now works. I didn't actually drive it much, and I was mostly fiddling with the radio while driving. Tonight I'll go for a longer drive, after I find a way to wedge the radio into its slot.

I guess it's time to finally sell the 323... I've been putting it off, but there's really no point in having two daily drivers in my neighbourhood.

Cool cars spotted in the last couple of days:
Aston Martin DB7
Porsche 997 turbo, looking mean in black
Aston Martin DB9... wow, what a beautiful car

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