Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Car spotting around town

The Ferrari F355 design is aging well
Sleeper uber-Audi
Tasteful MGB
My new car-washing assistant
Cool colour for this C63
Boring colour, cool car
Two very different sports cars
Cool Euro-market Sprinter (4x4 and manual!)
Stranger colour Maserati
Purple works for a classic Mini, however
Rare Nismo GTR
Lovely Alfa 4C

Clean 7-series
What are the odds? A 991 GT3 and a new Vainquish in the same shot
Lovely 1st-gen Viper
I like the AMG GT, but I still prefer the SLS
Cool Land Cruiser on my street
Again, the XK-RS across from my office
New Vainquish
Neat Fiat-based camper
Almost twins
1M outside the office
Actually, I spotted four M-cars in a few minutes
Including a rare green E36 M3...
... and a rare orange E92 M3

Same car as I spotted last year, the SLS Black
I love it!
A rare Aston Martin Rapide
A new 991.2
The Gallardo is aging well (not these wheels, though)
... so is this Quattroporte
A "proper" Bentley
Cool Euro import VW camper (diesel, manual)

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