Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Monday Night Lapping, June 6th 2016

I managed to make it to Monday night lapping at St-Eustache for a second time this year. Mazen met me there so he could continue to participate in the student sessions with the Civic. I am not passing many cars in the instructor/advanced group, but the other cars are not blowing by me either. Mazen is rapidly improving, which is not surprising given how systematic his approach is and how relatively easy it is to push the Civic.

The car continues to run like clockwork. It saw five sessions on track without any issue. I had forgotten my external GPS module, so I had to use the unit built into the phone. I can see that it is less precise when I look at the speed to distance graphs on the lap timing app (the curves are not smooth at all), so i will put an asterisk after my new best lap time of 1:02.73*, although there were a couple of other laps in the 1:02.8 range, so I'd like to think that I probably managed to hit that time at least once. If so, that's 0.9 seconds faster than my previous best of 1:03.6.

I had dropped the front pressures to 23-25 cold and the front end felt a bit sloppy out there, but I can't really argue with the improvement in lap times. I am looking for some inexpensive 8-inch-wide wheels so that I can run a wider tire in the future. People told me I would feel the lack of a limited-slip differential or be disappointed with the gear ratios on the 5-speed, but this hasn't been the case. The one thing that I think will make a significant improvement will be some extra front-end bite, and I think that with some aggressive offset 15x8 wheels, I can make the front end wider and run a 225-width tire, which would solve the issue. Even so, I am pretty happy with the way the car is running as-is, considering how easy and comfortable it is to drive on the street and how little I have spent on the car so far. I never thought I would be able to lap St-Eustache in the 1:02's, but now I think that even 1:01's will be possible with wider rubber.

Here are some photos from the JagImaging Facebook page:

 photo june6.4_zpshcfl0slo.jpg
 photo june6.3_zpslkijssna.jpg
 photo june6.2_zpsbb7kofbf.jpg
 photo june6.1_zpsafdyoov6.jpg

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