Wednesday, May 4, 2016

AISA School @ Calabogie

I headed out to Calabogie with Carl and the AISA gang for our second and last race school of 2016. I was looking forward to a second outing on track with the Civic and was eager to see how it would perform on a bigger track. Heading out to the track with such a lightly modified car is not that big of an undertaking: I just packed a few tools and electronic gadgets, but did not need a jack or spare wheels.

I headed out to Calabogie, which is exactly 300 km from my house, on Friday afternoon. I was to be co-teaching the Friday night classroom session with Oktay. The drive was pleasant and uneventful, and I thoroughly enjoyed having cruise control and a stereo in the car.

When I got to the track, I enjoyed looking around at all the cool cars in the paddocks. Most of them were there for Friday night lapping, or for other reasons. There was a wide variety of machinery, as is usually the case at Calabogie.

Ready for action, looking like a plain street car
On Saturday, I prepared the Civic for the track (basically, checked the oil and reduced the front tire pressures) so that I could head out on track at lunch time. My group of students was the usual mix of modified or race compact cars and powerful sports cars. I had a good bunch and all ended up with a race license by the end of the weekend.

A couple of advanced students in their modified Corvettes

My old Civic and another Civic EP3, more modified than my own
The Martel brothers' Hondas
I was one of the first instructor cars out at lunch time and really enjoyed my session on track. I was mostly alone out there. Sadly, my video camera stopped working and did not record the session. I was not pushing the car that hard and managed a lap time of 1:28. I was on pace for a 1:27 on one of my last laps, but I lifted for a long while to let Pascal through in his Integra (only to realize that he didn't really want to pass me at that time). By comparison, Jérémi, one of the other instructors, who laps in under one minute at St-Eustache, has a best lap of 1:24, so I figure I was doing well enough. Sajan was flying in my old Civic and was hitting the 1:20 mark. I hoped to improve on my time if it didn't rain on Sunday, but it wasn't to be: it rained almost from the beginning of the day. I still went out on track at lunch time with a student for a passenger and kept Jérémi behind me for the whole session (even Sajan took a couple of laps to pass me). My best lap in the wet was 1:39, and I was taking it quite easy. The car performed very well in both sessions and I think I set the tire pressures just right (28 front, 32 rear). My time on track was all too short, and I really want to get back out on track as soon as possible. Hopefully, it will not rain next Monday evening and I can get in a couple of sessions at St-Eustache!

The Civic with its rain setup (identical to the dry setup)
I don't usually like 911 Targa's, but this one was quite attractive-looking
This GTR was there for lapping
Tastefully modified 370Z
Yes, that's a Chrysler 300 race car!
The driver of the 300 had this Hellcat as his street car
A neat E46 track car
In Montreal, I continue to come across many interesting cars, mostly near my office in Old Montreal. 
Not the best colour for this 991 Turbo S 
Horizontal grill slats indicate that this is the 991.2
I often see this VW Thing puttering around my neighbourhood
This Impreza looked ready to head off-road
The Tesla you never see
My favourite F-Type: The R coupe
The 612 Scaglietti is a wide car
It looks great in this colour, with these wheels.
I was quite surprised to spot this super-rare Cayman GT4 right outside my office
I quite like this colour for the Cayman

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